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Cannabis Code

These are various bits of contributed cannabis-related computer code. If
you have more, send ’em to [email protected]. We’d like to have
stuff for all platforms, so send us your Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Dos, BeOS, NeXT,
Amiga, Apple ][, and Commodore64 tidbits. These aren’t necessarily tested,
so be careful if your system is prone to virus and crashing problems.; Dos/Windows, 31k
CalcTHC will actually take the amount of
days you’ve smoked up (If you can remember -Ha!) and tell you how long
until you can pass the infamous job-related drug test. Submitted by Technolust

Dabong2.ani; Windows, 39k
Here’s a Windows cursor animation from [email protected]

HugeFile.c; C code, 162 bytes
Makes a 100Mb core dump. Ha Ha! A practical joke in C code.