Gallery Art

les images et l’art de la marijuana

In this wing of the gallery you’ll find a few interesting pics. Some of them, like the Rastafarian girls, might challenge your notions of what a cannabis user is. Other pictures, created by users themselves, might reenforce that notion. Our plant of wonders has never been said to impede creativity. Some of the pictures in here have nothing to do with anything, really. But they were too good not to share. So here they are.


Many thanks to those contributing artists. Keep ’em coming. If we forgot to include a name, email, link or description, let us know.

The Nina Collection

“Rasta Girls”

“Plate 88”

Raytraced stuff





“The Experience”

from the Green Man

“Rift I”

“Rift II”




Stereogram Leaf

Drug Education

“Awareness Is”