What follows is taken from various press releases by Wiseman Noble Sales,concerning the Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium which they areputting on at the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre on February 17-19,1997.

Tickets for the trade show can be obtained in advance downstairs atHempBC (307 W. Hastings, phone (604)681-4690) for $10. Tickets will also be availableat the door for $25.

The Commercial & Industrial Hemp Symposium


The international experts in non-intoxicating hemp growth and processingwho will be attending the conference include:

Dr. Jace Callaway, an agricultural researcher from Finland, who works witha fast-flowering strain of hemp suitable for growth in Northern Canada thatproduces a seed oil with medicinal and food uses;

Dr. Kai Nebel, a textile specialist with the Institute for Applied Researchin Germany;

Dr. Med Byrd from North Carolina University, who will outline theenviro-friendly “mini-mill” necessary for hemp pulping;

Researchers from the Institute of Natural Fibres in Poland, best known fortheir hemp-wool textile blends and now experimenting with hemp buildingmaterials;

John Hobson from Hemcore in England, which grew 4,000 acres of industrialhemp for textiles, paper and animal bedding in 1996;

David Watson, of the International Hemp Association in the Netherlands,who’s project to preserve the world’s largest hemp seed bank will ensurethe genetic diversity of the crop for future generations;

Geof Kime, whose company Hempline was the first to grow a legal hemp cropin North America since the 1950s;

Mark Parent, of the Canadian Auto Workers Union, whose hemp campaign hasraised awareness of industrial hemp’s many applications, including carparts, from the Minister of Agriculture to production-line workers acrossthe country;

Jean Peart, a member of HealthCanada’s “Hemp Team” will present a statusupdate on the preparation of Canadian regulations regarding hemp growth.


Sponsoring the International Speaker Series are The Canadian Pulp & PaperAssociation and Growers International Inc., a Saskatchewan-based biologicalagriculture company.

Sponsors for the symposium include the Bank ofMontreal, the CanadianIndustrial Hemp Council (CIHC),