Radical Riz finally out of jail!

Tony Rizzo owns a store called Radical Riz’s Hemp Supplies, located inPeterborough, Ontario. The store has been raided twice since it opened atthe beginning of August, and Tony Rizzo was injail from September 30 toNovember 15. Over 45 days in jail for selling pipes and returning to hisown store, and all this without a trial!

The raids

Ontario Provincial Police first raided Radical Riz’s on August 7. Theyseized pipes, hemp seed treats, herbal tea detoxifiers, hemp wallets, andanything else they could get their hands on. 25 year old owner Tony Rizzowas charged with possession of illicit drug paraphernalia banned undersection 462.2 of the Criminal Code, possession of a prohibited weapon(brass knuckles) and possession of one gram of marijuana.

Since Tiny Rizzo didn’t shut down his store, the Ontario Police raided himagain on August 30 and cleared out his store once again. Rizzo was chargedwith 462.2 again, possession of yet another gram of marijuana, and twobreaches of his recognizance. Between the two raids, police seized about$10,000 in merchandise from Tony Rizzo’s fledgling store.


After the second arrest, Rizzo was released from jail under very strictbail conditions, which included not possessing or offering for sale anyparaphernalia or rolling papers, not possessing, purchasisn or using anynon-medically prescribed drugs.

Tony was also ordered to stay away from Cory Cowling and not contact him,indirectly or directly. Cory Cowling is the manager of Radical Riz’s HempSupplies and also Tony Rizzo’s friend. Cory has not been charged with anyoffence. Tony was also ordered to stay away from Radical Riz’s, his ownstore!The bail conditions clearly made it impossible for Tony to run hisbusiness, as they prohibited him from being in his own store and talking tohis friend and store manager, who had not been charged with any offence.


Tony defied the undreasonable bail conditions, and returned to his storebriefly on September 30. He was spotted by police who had the lolcationunder surveillance, and they quickly arrested him. He was charged withviolation of his bail requirements and locked up for 45 days, untilNovember 15.

It’s worth noting that, although section 462.2 is commonly used tointimidate and harass store owners and to drive them out of business,no-one has ever been found guilty of violating section 462.2 in Canada.It’s likely that the court would deem the law to be obviouslyunconstitutional, and so it serves the prohibitionary system better ifpeople are run out of business before they go to trial.

Tony Rizzo needs our help.

For more information about all of this stuff, call Radical Riz’s at705-749-6109. Rizzo’s lawyer Glen Jennings can be reached (416) 366-1758.

Dana Larsen [email protected]
Editor, Cannabis Canada, “Canada’s National Magazine of Marijuana & Hemp”
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