Canadian faces death in Singapore

Canadian eludes death and escapes gallows
in Singapore

It seems that Singapore decided to honour their international commitmentsto human rights before their commitments to the international drug war, andnot the other way around. What follows was taken from the Southam News Headlines web page.

Canadian escapes gallows

SINGAPORE - Canadian Ronald McCulloch and his Singaporean co-defendant Katamuthu Vijayakumarescaped the gallows Monday when the prosecution reduced capital trafficking drug chargesto possession in a plea bargain. The two are expected to lead guilty Tuesday to thenew charges, their lawyers said. McCulloch now faces a maximum 40 years in jailand Katamuthu faces 30 years, but neither is likely to get those sentences.

Vigil in Vancouver

Members of Vancouver’s cannabis community staked out in front of theSingaporean Embassy in Vancouver in protest of the manditory death penalty for McCulloch. For a week in June, activists maintained a presence outside the embassy, raising awareness of the situation, and hopefully putting pressure on the government of Singapore to not destroy McCulloch.

More Information

Below are some articles that were written in June before the charges and sentences for the alleged traffickers were reduced.

What follows was taken from the Toronto Star web page appeared in similar form in many papers across the country.

Please send some feedback to the Toronto Star and/or your local paper. Youcan reach the Toronto Star at[email protected]or fax them at (416) 869-4322.

It is important that this action not go unnoticed by the rest of the world.I am open to feedback as to how we can let Singapore know that this type ofaction will not be tolerated.

I would like to begin with a boycott of Singapore goods, along with a lotof pressure placed upon the Canadian Foreign Affairs Department andSingapore Embassies.

June 4, 1996

Canadian facing execution over drug charges

SINGAPORE (AP) - A Canadian arrested on drug smuggling charges was orderedyesterday to stand trial June 21 on charges that carry a mandatory deathpenalty if he is convicted.

Ronald Wilson McCulloch, 43, was among 25 people arrested Feb. 9 bySingaporean and Malaysian police, who said they seized 33.4 kilograms ofmarijuana.

McCulloch faces two marijuana trafficking charges, both of which carry amandatory death sentence on conviction.

He also is charged with possessing marijuana mixture and consuming acontrolled drug, which are punishable by a fine or jail sentence.

-- Eight kilograms of marijuana allegedly found in house --

If convicted, McCulloch could become the second westerner executed forviolating Singapore's strict drug laws.

The first was Dutch businessman Johannes Van Damme, who was hanged inSeptember, 1994.

Canada's Foreign Affairs Department has declined to release details aboutMcCulloch, such as his hometown, but said he has lived in Singapore since1979.

The Singapore narcotic bureau has described him as a "freelance worker" whohas worked at a variety of jobs.

After a six-hour hearing yesterday, Acting Magistrate Phang Hsiao Chungruled there was sufficient evidence for McCulloch and a Singaporeanco-defendant, Katamuthu Vijayakumar, to stand trial.

The others arrested were Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Police said they found eight kilograms of marijuana in a house in Singaporewhere McCulloch was staying while in the country on a tourist visa.

Here are two people who you should contact to protest the mandatory deathpenalty that Ronald Wilson McCulloch will face if found guilty oftrafficking marijuana in Singapore.

Canadian High Commission to Singapore
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 845, Singapore 9016, Republic of Singapore
Tel: (011-65) 225-6363 Fax: (011-65) 225-2450; 226-1541 (Commercial)
Internet: [email protected]

Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Singapore Desk, Derrick Patrick, (613) 992-6540

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