Bad News, Bad Grammar in Dartmouth


We received the two following letters from a friend in Dartmouth, NovaScotia. It seems in order for the high school not to advocate the use ofany drugs, they found it necessary to halt the business venture of grade 12student Steven Lemoine. Steven couldhave been encouraged with his initiative, and the school could have usedthis opportunity to openly examine the use of cannabis in society. Instead,they chose to simply ignore this opportunity and silence Stephen. They did,however, teach a lesson on how dissent in heirarchical orgizations is dealtwith.

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School Spirit

37 Woodlawn Road, Dartmouth
Nova Scotia, B2W 2R7
(902)435-8452, (902)435-8488
Fax: (902)435-8398

TO: Steven Lemoine
FROM: Mr. Mclean, Principal
RE: Sale of post cards featuring cannabis plants
DATE: November 15, 1996

Your proposal to market “Pot post cards” in school as a project foryour entrepreneurship class is unacceptable. Furthermore, you are expresslyforbidden to display posters at school advertising these cards or to bringthem to school for sale.

Last year, you repeatedly attempted to advertise in this school on behalf ofthe lobby for the legalization of cannabis in Canada. On each occasion itwas patiently explained to you that a public grade school is not anappropriate forum for such proselytizing activities. On one occasion thisled you to behave in a belligerent and verbally abusive manner in my office. My patience with you on this issue is now at an end.

Cannabis is an illegal product, and selling cards with slogans extollingits virtues at a public school, is out of the question. Also, even if itwere legalized, it would be ridiculous for a public school to advocate itsuse even implicitly. Substance abuse is a festering sore in this countryanmd it would be reprehensible for a school principal to tacitly endorse anydrug use–alcohol and tobacco included.

You cannot proceed with this notion or any variation of it. If you wish tocomplete your entrepreneurship credit then you must find a new project.

Do not raise this issue with me or this staff again.

Mr. Mclean, Principal

November 20, 1996


About a week or two ago I ordered some pot postcards from you guys to sellas my business venture in entrepreneurship class. I’ve been so busy sincethen that I never had a chance to thank you (even though there was a littlemix up in the order at first). The problem was corrected immediately and myorder was received the very next day. Thank you very much it really helpedme a lot. The cards look great.

I thought that you guys might be interested in the results of my venture. After receiving the cards I was told by my teacher to seek permission from amember of the administration before I started to sell them at school. Rightoff I knew that this wasn’t going to be good, due to the fact that I havealready been in trouble and faced suspension, for displaying posters for thecause. I went to the principal with my cards and advertisement and askedfor permission. After humming and hahhing for a minute, I was told that hewould think it over and get back to me.

Two days later, I went to the office to see him. I was immediatley handedmy cards and ad back in an envelope, along with a letter that wascompletely ridiculous. He was right there beside me, and it was anothermember of staff who handed it to me. He didn’t even have the balls to talkwith me.

So, I’m afraid to report that this is a loss for our side. I was told thatif I wanted to receive credit for the course I would have to stopimmediately. Not to mention that he would probably try to suspend me.

I am however continuing to sell them at a local flea market, where I havefound a very positive attitude by other people. They’re so interested incannabis and it’s uses that I am swamped by questions, which I try toanswer as best I can. When I show them my issues of Cannabis Canada andHigh Times, they can’t believe that this information is out there. Theyalways ask where they can get them so I point them in the right direction. Even people who didn’t buy postcards wished me luck.

Once again I would like to thank you for your service. Keep up the goodwork.

Steven Lemoine

email the Herald (local newspaper) at [email protected]

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