Radical Repression!

Radical Riz’s Hemp Supplies in Peterborough, Ontario, has been raided twicesince its opening at the beginning of August. Owner Tony Rizzo is now injail, where he’s been since Monday, charged with violation of his bailconditions for being in his own store.

During the first raid on August 7, police seized pipes, rolling papers,bongs, hemp seed treats, herbal tea detoxifiers, a hemp card game, hempwallets and postage stamp scales. 25 year old owner Tony Rizzo was chargedwith possession of illicit drug paraphernalia banned under section 462.2 ofthe Criminal Code, possession of a prohibited weapon (brass knuckles) andpossession of one gram of marijuana.

The second raid on August 30 saw police seize pipes, bongs, ziplockbaggies, rollies, extra bowls, vials and scales. Rizzo was charged with462.2 again, possession of yet another gram of marijuana, and two breachesof his recognizance. After the second arrest, Rizzo was released from jailunder very strict bail conditions, which include:

  1. Not to possess or offer for sale any instrument or rolling paper thatcan be used for illicit drug consumption
  2. Abstain absolutely from the possession, purchase and consumption ofnon-medically prescribed drugs
  3. Remain away from Cory Cowling and not contact him, indirectly ordirectly. (Cory Cowling is the manager of Radical Riz’s Hemp Supplies, andhas not been charged at all).
  4. Remain away from 406 George St North, Peterborough. (The location ofRadical Riz’s Hemp Supplies).

Tony Rizzo complained that the bail conditions made it difficult for him torun his business as he wasn’t allowed into his own store and can’t talk tohis friend and store manager Cory Cowling.

He also explained how police have seized about $10,000 worth of merchandise.

There’s another store in Peterborough that also carries pipes andparaphernalia, and at least 11 locations in Ontario to buy pipes and bongs.

A petition in the store in support of Tony Rizzo has gathered over 3000signatures.

Rizzo was in his store on Monday, and he was arrested and charged withviolation of his parole. He expects to be released on Tuesday.

On Saturday, October 5 at 2pm there will be a “Extravaganja” rally insupport of Radical Riz’s at “Paranoia Park”, (end of Simco St by RamadaInn). Hemp BC’s Marc Emery will be there to raffle off one ounce of BC’skindest bundle of nugs.

For more information about all of this stuff, call Radical Riz’s at705-749-6109, or Tony Rizzo’s home number at 705-749-0496. Rizzo’s lawyerJim Hauraney can be reached 705-748-2333. We have no email address at this time.

Dana Larsen ([email protected])
Editor, Cannabis Canada, "Canada's National Magazine of Marijuana & Hemp"

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