Hemp Nation Busted

Two hemp stores in London, Ontario, have been raided by police and hadtheir stock seized.

Although we don’t have all the details, we know that both Hemp Nation andHi Times were raided by either Ontario police or the RCMP earlier today.

Hemp Nation had seeds, bongs, pipes, 3 computers and some filesconfiscated. One employee was arrested.

We don’t know details on Hi Times, but apparently they had seeds and pipesseized as well.

If you ordered seeds from either store recently there might be cause forconcern, as some recent records are in the hands of the cops.

We’ll post more info as we get it.

Hemp Nation was previouslyraided on May 17, 1995 for selling cannabisplant clones, and Chris Clay launched a constitutional challenge againstthe charges, which is still in progress.

Contact Chris Clay of Hemp Nation at (519) 433-5267, or email[email protected].

Contact Hi Times at (519) 858-1533.

Dana Larsen [email protected]
Editor, Cannabis Canada, “Canada’s National Magazine of Marijuana & Hemp”
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