Langford Votes to Ban Hemp, Ian Hunter arrested

Langford City Hall Votes to Ban Hemp

Ian Hunter of Sacred Herb
Arrested for a Gram

Langford is a small city on Vancouver Island whose city council is veryopposed to all forms of cannabis. On June 17, in an effort to stop a hempstore from opening in their city, the Langford City Council passed a by-lawwhich prohibited any hemp store within their city.

A delegation of hemp store owners, hemp product manufacturers and hempactivists attended the City Council meeting, but the council refused tohear them speak.

After the meeting, delegation members Ian Hunter (of Sacred Herb and theMission of Ecstasy) Kevin Millership (Medical Marijuana recipient) were onthe outside steps of City Hall, along with Eleanor Randle of the BC AntiProhibition League, who was discussing hemp with an anti-hemp developer.

An RCMP car with two officers pulled up, and the officers started searchingMillership. When Ian Hunter confronted the officers he was also searched,and found to be in possession of about one gram of marijuana. Hunter andMillership were arrested, handcuffed, and taken for fingerprinting at thepolice station.

Hunter intends to plead not guilty, and use a religious defence. Millershipintends to plead not guilty, and use a medical defence.

The next court date for both Hunter and Millership is 9am on July 30, atthe Colwood Courthouse.

For more information, please contact Ian Hunter of the Sacred Herb inVictoria at 604-384-0659, or Chris Chodat of the Hemp Connection in Sookeat 604-642-2388.

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