CCNEWS: Cannabis Culture’s Email News Service

CCNEWS ? Cannabis Culture’s Email News Service

CCNews is a free service provided by Cannabis Culture Magazine, to providea world-wide cannabis news and information to anyone with email.

CCNews is a relatively low-traffic email list. It is a one-way servicewhere you will receive 1-2 messages each week, about whatever we deem tobe newsworthy. There will be a bias towards stories that relate to Vancouverand Hemp BC, but we cover news from around the world.
We are currently working on our free personalizedemail news service. We want anyone with email to be able to receive dailynews articles about any aspect of marijuana and drug policy that intereststhem, from any parts of the world they desire. We hope to have this inplace by February ’99, so check back often!
To subscribe to CCNews, fill in the form below or send a message to [email protected]containing the command “subscribe cclist” 

You can unsubscribe from CCNews anytime, by filling in the form belowor by sending a message to [email protected]containing the command “unsubscribe cclist”. 

There is an email news and discussion forum for Canadian drug policyreform called Mattalk, sponsored by the Canadian Media Awareness Project(CMAP). To subscribe to their discussion list, use their