On Wednesday December 4 the Vancouver Harm Reduction Club was busted. Westill don’t have all the details, so what follows is pretty much all weknow so far. I’ll follow this with another post which will have a recentGlobe & Mail story about the Club.

I hope list members can contact the Globe and Mail and Vancouver paperswith letters of support for the Harm Reduction Club. As usual, don’t forgetto include your name, mailing address and daytime phone number. Please ccme a copy of any letters you send.

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Harm Comes to the Harm Reduction Club

The Vancouver Police have decided to spread the badwill and raid the Harm Reduction Club (HRC), the marijuana buyer’s club run in Vancouver by DavidMalmo-Levine. Guns drawn, the police searched the club’s “smoke easy” headquarters and made several arrests.

Malmo-Levine was at the Cannabis Canadaoffice at the time, and was requested to turn himself in by police underthreat that the office of the magazine would be raided as well. Malmo-Levine called the media and turned himself in at 5pm in the presenceof CBC and UTV cameras and other reporters. Malmo-Levine and several other club organizers were fingerprinted and spentthe night in prison.

At the same time as the police were raiding the club, 3 young teenagers armed withhandguns robbed a jewelry store in Vancouver. Police were not present.

By raiding the club,Vancouver police have shown their priorities in fighting crime; non-violentbusinesspersons are more of a threat to society than armedtheives. This is a backward policy, and the noble Vancouver PoliceDepartment should be ashamed of their behavior.

From their website, their self-proclaimed function:

The Vancouver Police Department builds bridges and partnerships with each community, that togetherwe may improve the quality of life and sense of safety for us all, ensuring peace and security througha sensitive, caring and creative police service.

The department has just burned their bridge with Vancouver’s cannabis community, while neglecting to ensure the safety of the rest of the city.

More details should be forthcoming. The HRC is holding a meeting todecide the immediate future of the service.

Email the Vancouver Police Department at [email protected], phone (604)665-3535, or fax (604)257-3716. Messages and memberships for the Harm Reduction Club should go to (604)253-6357, email David Malmo-Levine at [email protected], but expect adelay to your email response.

Dana Larsen [email protected]
Editor, Cannabis Canada, “Canada’s National Magazine of Marijuana & Hemp”
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