Edmonton Hemp Fest, September 2

Edmonton Hemp Fest

Labour Day Long Weekend
(September 2)

This day long event is sponsored by the Cannabis Relegalization Society ofAlberta. It will include a hemp fashion show, displays, bands, performersand buskers, contests and raffles.

For more information contact Amanda Stewart, Director of the CannabisRelegalization Society of Alberta, at 403-437-4367, or email[email protected]

Follow Up

Edmonton’s Labour Day Hempfest was a real success. Eventhough we had been denied permission to use the Legislature Grounds, therewere no problems at the 10 hour event. 7 bands played, three speakers, anawesome hemp fashion show, a joint-rolling contest and a bong contest. TheCannabis Relegalization Society of Alberta hosted the event, and estimatedthat 500 people attended the event throughout the day. For next year, theCRSA may have a two-day, cross-province hempfest – Lethbridge and Edmonton.

The CRSA will be starting to providemedical cannabis in January. This will be extremely welcome in Alberta. Thegroup of about 15 participants is very driven!

For more information contact Amanda Stweart of True North at[email protected].

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