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Freedom FestVancouver
420 freedom fest
Don't let the feds ban our herbs!

CannabisSunday April 20, 1997Location: To Be Announced
Speakers 2pm
Benefit party 8pm
Cost: Speakers $4.20
Benefit $10
Special Guest SpeakersLive bandsDrum CirclesDJ’sKiosks & Info Tables

For more information contact the Alliance for Herbal Freedom at (604)801-2690


The Alliance for Herbal Freedom is presenting a “420 Freedom Festival”starting 2pm on Sunday April 20, 1997. It will go throughout the dayfeaturing many speakers, open mike, various showtables, and informationtables, ending with a benefit party at 8pm. Our goal is to unify community,music and fun with practitioners of alternative medicines, doctors, lawyers,harm reduction theory advocates, organic farmers and all kind people fromall walks of life.

By working together we can facilitate the exchange of ideas towards a bettereducated, tolerant society. Personal health is a matter of personal freedomand responsibility. We must be given the freedom to make an informeddecision about our own use of natural medicines; to promote the health ofthe individual over the profits of multi-national pharmaceuticalcorporations and unjustifiable undemocratic, unconstitutional laws. Aneducated community is a responsible community.


For further questions and ideas please feel free to call the 420 FreedomFestival HQ at (604)215-1360 from 11am-11pm (PST) and ask for Calum orAmber. We hope to see you there!