1 March 1997

HRC's Dutch Embassy Raided By RCMPolice

David at 420 Grove

Burnaby’s first marijuana store, the Dutch Embassy, was raided by RCMPat about 4:30 on Friday, February 28. Organizer David Malmo-Levine(pictured) and atleast two co-workers were arrested and jailed. David is still in prison andneeds a resident of the lower mainland to post his $4000.00 bail.

The Dutch Embassy address is 420 Grove Street, at Grove and Hastings. The line is (604)291-7729. Their message line is (604)253-6357. DavidMalmo-Levine will eventually check his email [email protected]. If you can help David please call the Cannabis Canada office at(604)669-9069

The Dutch Embassy is operated by the Harm ReductionClub; the Club sells quality marijuana openly to club members in a safeenvironment. Club members plan to keep the storefront location nearBurnaby’sKensington Plaza open despite the raid. The Club will run a full page adin the local paper this week calling for a discussion of theClub’s role in the community.

This is by no means the first setback for Club operations. The Club’soriginal location in the Commercial Drive area was busted by police lastyear. After the move to the new storefront location in Burnaby, the clubonce again thrived despite repeated armed robberies by local hoodlums,inludingrepeating offenders “The Colour Connection”, whose members sportedTarrantino-style names like “Blue,” “Pink,” and “Red”. These local thugs weren’tall without conscience; one group of bandits made it clear to the club thatthey found the motivations of the earlier cutthroats “unethical”. In the latestattempt at the Embassy’s purse, a skuffle followed a tactical error onbehalf of the would-be thieves, and they made off with bruises instead ofbuds. Local RCMP had stated they considered the thieves to be of a higherpriority (for their crime-fighting skills) than the club. The RCMP have notreleased word as to whether all the thieves in Burnaby had been taken intocustody, as their actions would imply.

David is out of jail and had been forced to curtail the marijuana sales butis determined to keep the club open for informational purposes. The club isstill collecting signatures to get a town hall meeting on the subject. Theburnaby city council has refused to help set up a meeting; the CBC arethinking it over, and other non-corporate entities are being considered dorassistance. Perhaps with a democratic mandate some tolerance zones can beestablished similar to the medical marijuana zones can be established, hopesMalmo-Levine.

Dave advises all friendly compatriots, “don’t whistle in jail.”

You can contact the Globe and Mail and Vancouver paperswith letters of support for the Harm Reduction Club. As usual, don’t forgetto include your name, mailing address and daytime phone number. Please ccme ([email protected]) a copy of any letters you send.

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