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By Dr Alexander Sumach

The hash brownie, hilarious party favour and folk medicine of thousands,has attracted the attention of the white coats. On August 21, a trio ofnon-governmental pharmacologists at the Neurosciences Institute of SanDiego announced that chocolate prolongs and intensifies the good feelingsof THC, something cannabis consumers have known for decades.

The special effects resulting from the combination of marijuana andchocolate are due to the subtle interplay of anandamide, an organicchemical that by the grace of God is present in the natural human brain,and most curiously, within that of the humble sea urchin as well.

Israeli scientists first isolated the premier psychoactive delta-9 THC in1969. By 1992, they had tracked down anandamide as a major component of thebrain receptor sites that interacts with the THC metabolites that the brainpersuades the hands to put into the body.

Anandamides appear to have an almost universal effect. Tiny amounts ofpurified anandamides were given to lucky laboratory animals, and a euphorichigh was induced. Anandamide has now been shown to be present in chocolateas well.

“In principle, one could have a synergy between the two, but the effect ofthe hashish would still be overwhelming” says neurosciences researcherDaniele Pionet. Sounds like she had a bit too much fun at the staff picnic,but not to worry.

“It occurred to us that many cannabis users experience chocolate cravings.We were intrigued by the correlation, particularly because chocolate isrich in fats and anandamide is itself a fatty substance. We hypothesizedthat anandamides might be present in chocolate.”

The team analyzed dark chocolate from three different confectionarychocolate manufacturers from three different countries. They found that thelevels of anandamides varied greatly between samples, with the highestlevel being ten times greater than the lowest. The researchers declined tosay which brand of chocolate melts in your mind to best effect, for fearthat their discovery would lead to a run on the market.

The research team also discovered two additional cannabinoids that occurnaturally in chocolate. In the lab, these new substances dramaticallyslowed the breakdown of anandamides. This suggests that thesechoco-cannabinoids don’t create a new high so much as they tend to prolongthe old one. Hence, the long smooth buzz after chowing down a good wack ofhomegrown baking.

Traditional Chinese medicine has known for certain that certain “magicplants” such as cannabis and ginseng will amplify the physical effects ofother plant drugs. Thus their herbal prescriptions are usually a blend ofherbs, unlike Western medicine which tends to use a single substance inconcentrated form.

And so we see that modern pharmacology is starting to take notice of theuntapped potential of cannabis as a legitimate medicine, even if they areonly tickling it with a ten foot pole and dipping it in chocolate toappease the DEA.

If you would like to contribute to the world fund of knowledge and want totry this at home, start with good cannabis and the best chocolate. Shop forchunks of dark bitter baking chocolate or the darkest and most pungentcocoa powder you can find, avoiding cheap candy bars which are full of waxfiller and sugar.

In order of potency, the best chocolates are: Baker’s, Fry’s, Cadbury’s,Hershey’s, Nestle, Rowntree. They will all differ in anandamide intensitybecause cocoa is sourced from many different parts of the globe.

Anandamide home baking contest

Do you have a dynamite recipe for some weird and wonderfully ediblechocolate and cannabis concoction that you’d like to share with the world?How do you feel about teaming up chocolate and marijuana? Share yoursweetest insights and we’ll publish the best ones in an upcoming edition ofCannabis Canada.

Simply write out the proportions of ingredients and explain how you makeyour special chocopot treat. Send it with your name and address to usbefore Christmas. Those who send us recipes for the tastiest treats will berewarded as follows:

First Prize: Autographed copy of Treasury of Hashish, and CC hat or T shirt.

Second Prize: Photograph of George Bush kissing Mila Mulrouney, and CC hator T shirt.

Third Prize: CC hat or T shirt.

This contest is open to CClist subscribers as well, although you should allbe faithful subscribers to Cannabis Canada by now!

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