Hungry Bear in Hot Water


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On Nov. 1, 1997 around 1:30 am, Hungry Bear Hemp Foods owner, Todd Dalotto was arrested and held for over four days on five felony charges amounting to a combined 60 year maximum sentence, stemming from a military-style raid conducted by I.N.E.T. (Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team) on 3/20/97 [well-covered on local media]; a raid which crippled the successful hemp food business.

The nature and grounds for the charges are highly questionable and civil rights abuses are likely to be found. The charges are.summarized as follows:
1. Unlawful Possession of >150g Marijuanamax. 10 years + fine
2. Unlawful Possession of >150g Marijuanamax. 10 years + fine
3. Unlaw. Poss. of >60g Psilocybin or Psilocyn. max. 10 years + fine
4. Unlawful Delivery of >150g Marijuanamax. 10 years + fine
5. Unlaw. Deliv. of >60g Psilocybin or Psilosinmax 20 years + fine

The raid occurred shorthly after an undercover postal inspector delivered a package of Swiss-Grown medical marijuana to the main entrance of the multi-tenant building where the kitchen and office of Hungry Bear Hemp Foods was located for three years. No immediate arrests were made and no charges filed until 8/4/97.  Dalotto was arrested Halloween Night after being stopped for defective brake lights in Florence, Oregon. Dalotto was also ticketed for possession of <1 oz. of marijuana after Florence police searched his vehicle. The constitutionality of the search is highly questionable and civil rights violations are being investigated. Dalotto was released on a routine matrix around 4:20 AM on Wed., Nov. 5. Astonishing Coincidence: 4:20 is a collective consciousness ritual performed at least twice a day by millions of cannabis users worldwide on or about 4:20 AM/PM.

A legal defense fund is being set-up and a fundraising event and a fund-raising event including speakers, music and food will be held at Eugene’s newest Hemp Store, Hemptations on 11/22/97 – located at W. 11th &Chambers Call 1-888-420-HEMP for details.

Donations can be sent to:
Hungry Bear Hemp Foods – Legal Fund
P.O. Box 12175
Eugene, OR. 97440



CONTACT: Hemptations 1-888-420-HEMP for event location & info. – or – Hungry Bear Hemp Foods <[email protected]> for fundraising and networking.
WHERE: Hemptations, W. 11th & Chambers, Eugene, OR.
WHEN: Saturday, November 22nd, 1997 3pm- ??pm
RE: See today’s press release: "Hungry Bear Hemp Foods’ Owner Jailed on Questionable Marijuana Charges"

A fund-raiser will be held on Saturday, Nov. 22nd. at Hemptations (W. 11th & Chambers) from 3pm, on, to raise money for the legal defense of Hungry Bear Hemp Foods Owner, Todd Hungry Bear Dalotto, who is facing 20 years in prison for felony marijuana charges relating to the 3/20/97 raid of his business. Hungry Bear will be there to speak and serve-up delicious hemp food.  Other speakers, guests, and musicians are to be announced. All are invited, suggested door donation is $10, no one will be turned away.

If you cannot attend, but wish to contribute:
make check payable to:
Hungry Bear Hemp Foods – Legal Fund
P.O. Box 12175
Eugene, OR. 97440