Police Uproot


Police Uproot
"The Plant" By Dan Loehndorf

Police officers have stormed “The Plant”, a hemp store in Edmonton, and
taken all the pipes, bongs, roach clips, rolling papers and literature –
including Cannabis Canada.

At about 3:00, Wednesday, December 4, two customers entered the store.
They browsed. They collected stash cans, stash lighters, and stash
rocks. Then some uniformed police arrived. Suddenly the “customers” had
badges too. Craig Lesnick, the store manager, was surprised and upset.

“I was pissed off,” Mr. Lesnick said, “I was just doing my job, what I
get paid to do.”

Craig Lesnick and another employee were searched, and charged with
violating 462.2 of the Criminal Code. The written charge included
“promoting illicit drug use”. Mr. Lesnick was also charged with
possession of a minor amount.

Lesnick and the other employee were taken downtown and held for about
two and a half hours while police ransacked and emptied the store. Dave
Simpson, the store’s owner, is in Vancouver.

“Dave probably still doesn’t know,” said Craig.

Craig can be reached at The Plant at:

fax: (403) 477-1265
telephone: (403) 413 4036