Glass Masters: Marbleslinger

Marbleslinger is one of the most well-known and respected glass blowers currently on the scene. He started making glass pipes in 1997 when he lived on the east coast, and moved to the west coast to join a community of innovative glass pipe makers including Ezra, Jason Lee, Marcel, Chris Dawson, and Pedro Smiley. These artists took pipe styles to the next level, and while they shared ideas and techniques, each maintained their own unique voice.

“I couldn’t have had a better influence,” Marbleslinger says, “and my mantra has always been to be unique and try to make each piece original. To me a glass pipe is not just an object; it’s a sacred tool passed between friends, family, and lovers. A pipe is often one of the most treasured objects someone can own. There are so many creative aspects to pipe making, such as form and shape, patterns and color, so I try to find a theme with each piece and maintain the flow.”

Now based out of Philadelphia, Marbleslinger is working on a documentary film about glass pipe making and the subculture surrounding it, which he relates to the graffiti and skateboard scene. To see more photos of Marbleslinger’s glass, and for info about his film, go to – and also visit to see work by hundreds of talented glass pipe makers.