Magic Night at the BCMP Vapour Lounge with Magician John, Fridays!

John the Magician makes magic at the BCMP on Friday nightJohn the Magician makes magic at the BCMP on Friday nightThe third-floor BCMP Vapor Lounge is having a magic night on Fridays! Come enjoy the high-jinks of John the Magician! With 27 years of magic training experience, John will astound you: watch joints float in front of your eyes! Be amazed by the changing cards and disappearing coins! Blow your mind watching the “impossible” happen! You’ll actually see and feel the magic!
Come check it out on Friday evenings between 8pm and 10pm on the top floor BCMP Vapour Lounge at “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters”, 307 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC. For directions to the store, or information about hours of operation, call (604) 682-1172.

You can also keep up on events by visiting the Cannabis Culture forums “Upcoming Events” section and calendar! Go here to see the Upcoming Events post about John the Magician doing BCMP Vapour Lounge Magic Nights!

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