Police Raid Home For … Tomatos?

Tomato cuttings being grown under lightsTomato cuttings being grown under lightsRed-faced drug cops looking for a marijuana grow-op came up with a tomato grow-op instead. Prince Rupert commercial fisherman Bruce Aleksich said that about 15 Mounties burst into his business last Thursday, only to find 400 tomato plants in various stages of growth. After a bleak spring, Aleksich decided to grow the tomatoes under lights. He has recently been rotating the tomatoes between the indoors and outdoors.
When RCMP arrived at about 9 p.m., Aleksich told them he was a good gardener with nothing but tasty tomatoes in the building. Despite his edible alibi, Aleksich, two employees and two visitors were forced to the ground. “They had us on the floor for over an hour,” he said. “All of us were cuffed. I don’t know how it got to the point where guns were drawn.”

After finding the tomatoes, the cops checked all the vehicles for drugs, Aleksich said. Aleksich said he has heard nothing from the RCMP about their mistake. “You’d think they would be embarrassed,” he said. “I just wanted them to say it was a mistake. People now assume I was growing marijuana.”

Aleksich said his two visitors, a friend from Victoria and his girlfriend, were looking at real estate. “I don’t think he’s going to buy land here after that,” said Aleksich.

– Article from the Province, July 2nd



  1. Anonymous on

    Now there’s an idea. Grow tomatoes on the first floor, and weed on the second floor. Cops bust in looking for weed, find tomatoes, leave.

  2. AJP on

    Demand the local police apologize and pay any damages to the reputation of this tomato grower!

    Also, anyone else now afraid to grow tomatoes?

    Free the cannabis market (and its profiteers).
    Keep your government hands out of my flower garden.
    Keep off the grass, officer.

  3. Anonymous on

    The reason that the police get confused sometimes is that when the police do a infared fly-over, both tomato and pot plants show up on radar due to a chemical compound/alkaloid on the leaf.

  4. Anonymous on

    store bought tomatoes taste like wax. home grown tomatoes taste like Momma Nature intended, (DOH!) everyone should learn how to grow their own vegies at home, indoors under LCD grow lites. or under high sodium and halide lites. which ever you prefer but, grow your own indoor vegies. it will save you money in the long run and it will drive the cops crazy. it is kinda like the old game “button, button who’s got the button” just saying. hehehe

  5. Anonymous on

    That’s why people should mind their business

  6. Scott Vines on

    Tomato growers who use fluorescent lights, and even those who do not, are frequently accused of growing marijuana. I’ve read stories from Australia, Canada, the U.K. and U.S. I grow tomatoes, and there are many similarities between pot and tomato culture. However, the plants look nothing alike. How retarded do you have to be to confuse them? It’s ridiculous. Around here, a lot of guys use tomato gardens to hide their marijuana plants, so maybe that’s a source of some suspicion. Or maybe some cops are just stupid.