BC Marijuana Party Art Auction: Marc, Michelle, Greg & Jodie Handprint Paintings

This silent auction art fundraiser ends July 6th, 2008. All proceeds go to the BC Marijuana Party, to help fund continued activism efforts in the new BC Marijuana Party headquarters office. So far we’ve: organized Bill C-26 protests across Canada in December; set up a fully-functional BCMP activism office and legal centre on 307 West Hastings Street’s top floor; organized the enormous 420 event; and many other projects underway. See www.BCMarijuanaParty.ca for updates by Jacob Hunter, our BCMP Activism Coordinator.

The paintings in this auction were done by Ajia White, a local Vancouver artist who created the designs with each intended activist in mind. Ajia had Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, Greg Williams and myself (Jodie Emery) paint our hands and leave a print on our canvases, and we all signed our pieces with silver paint. Ajia took photos during the process as proof that the prints came from the real people, and the framed photos are included with the art pieces for whomever wins the auction bidding.

You can place your bid on the following art pieces as a group or separately. Bidding starts at $200 per piece, or $500 for the three pieces that make up the BC3 set (Marc, Michelle and Greg, but not Jodie). The BC3 set canvases are “framed” with glass beads as an extra artistic touch.

To bid on the artwork, send an email or write a letter to [email protected] with the following information:

A) The name of the painting and photo set you are bidding on (i.e. “Marc”, “Jodie”, or “BC3″”)
B) Your bid and preferred form of payment (i.e. $210 cheque, $220 money order, etc.)
C) Your name and phone number or email address

Be sure to visit the BC Marijuana Party website for updates about our activism efforts and ways you can get involved. Cannabis/Canada Day (July 1st) is the next big event happening in Vancouver, BC so you can contact Jacob to help out. The BCMP political office is located on the top floor of “Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters” at 307 West Hastings Street downtown in Vancouver, and the phone number is 604-632-1750.