Vancouver Seed Bank Celebrates Two Years!

Kaara, Dana and Rebecca celebrate 420Kaara, Dana and Rebecca celebrate 420Vancouver’s newest marijuana seed outlet is celebrating their two-year anniversary with a big party on Saturday, May 31st. “I can’t believe that it’s been two years,” says Dana Larsen, former editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine and co-founder of the Vancouver Seed Bank (VSB). “We are going to have a great party at the end of May.” Larsen founded the VSB with his partner Rebecca Ambrose in May 2006, less than a year after their friend Marc Emery was charged with exporting marijuana seeds to the USA. Emery is still facing extradition and could get a 30 year sentence in an American prison.
“The VSB doesn’t send marijuana seeds to the USA,” explains Ambrose. “But we’ll send them anywhere else in the world. And we do send all our non-marijuana seeds to the USA as well.” The VSB is different than any other pot seed retailer in Canada, because they also sell seeds from all kinds of other plants.”Along with a comprehensive catalog of marijuana seeds, we also stock over 200 other different seed varieties,” says Ambrose. “We have many interesting plants, from tobacco to tomatoes, from poppies to peyote to pumpkins, and our catalog is growing all the time.”

“I am not really involved in managing the seed bank these days,” says Larsen. “I am focused on my campaign as an NDP candidate, and also writing the next book in the Hairy Pothead series. When you go to the Seed Bank, you’re much more likely to see Rebecca or the store manager Kaara. They’re both experts in finding the right seed strain for your needs. However, I am always there for the parties!”

Vancouver Seed Bank storefront at 872 East HastingsVancouver Seed Bank storefront at 872 East HastingsAlong with selling seeds, the Vancouver Seed Bank also boasts a beautiful outdoor Garden Lounge, an indoor Vapour Lounge, plus a gamers room and Internet cafe. There’s even a Bed & Breakfast suite as well. “We have a party here on the last Saturday of every month,” says Ambrose. “We have an hourly weed giveaway and we also raffle off buds and hash. There’s good food and music, and we make sure everyone gets very irie. Our May 31 anniversary party is going to be very special!”

Vancouver Seed Bank and Tokers Lounge
872 East Hastings (near Clark)
tel: 778-329-1930
[email protected]
The VSB is open every day from 11am to 7pm

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The outdoor patio lounge and party areaThe outdoor patio lounge and party area