The Herb Museum Art Auction: Bid Online Until April 24th~

This is an auction of the art collection of the Herb Museum and David Malmo-Levine. After over a year of auction-free collecting, the raid on the Herb School in February of 2008 provided the incentive needed to unleash this collection into the herb-loving community. The local community got a chance to bid on some of the works before you, and some of them have been sold ahead of time – but those works marked with a minimum bid will not be sold until April 24th at midnight.

This is a rare opportunity to bid online for art that will provide instant joy to any herb lover as well as provide the collector with an investment that will no doubt appreciate in value. These are original one-of-a-kind pieces of art that have a herb theme, Featuring the work of Rasta, of the famous Ken Foster, and the First Nations artists John Walkus and Thunder.

Half of the money will go to those charged with possession of herbs for the purpose of retailing them – the other half will go to help the Herb Museum continue to function. Please bid generously!

The Herb Museum Art Auction

Visit to see the items available for bidding.

There are numerous pieces to look at, and the bidding process is simple! The online auction ends on April 24th, 2008 at midnight.

Please join us in person at the Herb Museum (343 East Hastings, Vancouver B.C.) for the LIVE Art Auction on May 3rd, starting at 8pm.