The Oakland County Michigan NORML Fundraiser for the BC3 was a Great Sucess!

A huge thank you goes out to all the people who donated to the Oakland County NORML BC3 fundraiser, especially our group of matching sponsors in Michigan! The total amount generated for this fundraiser was $1,387.00 for the legal defense fund of Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams, who are fighting against extradition to the USA! Again, thanks to EVERYBODY who helped make this possible!

Agree with him or not, Marc Emery has significantly advanced the discussion of cannabis use in society today. Unfortunately, he and two of his friends, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams, have paid a high price for their activsm. Collectively known as the BC3, they are currently facing extradition to the United States for activities that their own country Canada won’t even prosecute them for. Many of the founders of Oakland County NORML were inspired by the BC3 and what they read and saw at Cannabis Culture and Pot TV. This is why we at Oakland County NORML are proud to announce our online fundraiser for the BC3 running from March 21st through March 30th. During those 10 days Oakland County NORML, together with many other fine sponsors, will match your donation, dollar for dollar!

That’s right. Maybe you never donated anything because you thought your $5 wasn’t going to go very far. Well, during our BC3 fundraiser your $5 becomes $10, $10 becomes $20 and so on. Even though the economy is in the tank in Michigan right now, a group of local activist and business owners has pooled their resources together and have agreed to match donations dollar for dollar.

We are trying to make this as easy as possible so you will be able to donate a number of ways:

1) Click the Donate button at and make a donation with your Paypal account or credit card.

2) Mail your donation marked with BC 3 to Oakland County NORML 4936 Estes Dr., Orion, MI 48359

3) Donate via the Cannabis Culture Online Store between March 21st and March 30th and email us your receipt at [email protected].

This is the kind of things American activists do to help out those who inspired us to become active. Help us help Marc, Michy, and Greg. If you or a group of your friends would like participate by setting up a matching sponsorship email us here. Thanks!