Vancouver BC: Herb School Raided

Vancouver Herb School Raided
On February 20th The Herb School was raided. Vancouver activist extraordinaire David Malmo-Levine and five others were arrested and held over night. Here’s footage from the raid and protest rally the next day at the courthouse, posted by Pot TV on YouTube.

David Malmo-Levine and others who were arrested at the Herb School in Vancouver, BC were released Thursday February 21, on their own recognizance. Bail conditions have been imposed but do not restrict David Malmo-Levine from operating his artifact-filled Herb Museum, or visiting the BC Marijuana Party building, so his activism will continue. The Herb School building, however, is off-limits and has been closed as an “unsafe” location for fire risk reasons (it is an old building).

The Vancouver Police raided the Vancouver Herb School on Wednesday, February 20, arresting David Malmo-Levine and others. Malmo-Levine was taken into custody at 12:30pm Pacific time, and charges are pending for Trafficking, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, and (possibly) Possession of Paraphernalia. He was kept in custody overnight. Lawyer Kirk Tousaw is representing Malmo-Levine tomorrow morning.

Join the conversation and planning for action in this CC Forums thread: Vancouver Herb School RAIDED! Pray for David and any others who have been arrested! Do Something NOW to Help End the Drug War!

Who is David Malmo-Levine, and what is the Herb School?

David Malmo-Levine is one of Vancouver’s longest and best activists. He is originally from Edmonton where he organized rallies and protests. He came to Vancouver around 1993. You can read many news clippings here, and see his Potshot magazine here.

David Malmo-Levine had a place that sold marijuana over the counter back in 1996. It was called “The Harm Reduction Club” and also the “Dutch Embassy Marijuana Flower and Herbal Tearoom” as it went through a few incarnations as it was repeatedly busted. This led to a long constitutional challenge to the trafficking laws. You can read about it in the following articles:

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The Herb School raid and protest on February 20, 2008The Herb School raid and protest on February 20, 2008In 2004 David opened a place called The Herb School, short for “Vancouver School of Drug War History and Organic Cultivation”, and started offering Drug War History Tours. The Herb School has some great educational displays about marijuana and herbs. Apparently the police believed that marijuana was also being sold from this location, hence the raid.

In 2007 David opened another place called The Herb Museum. It is a beautiful location with amazing art and numerous awesome displays about the history of herbs and drugs. Watch the video here.

The Herb Museum is hosting an art auction benefit to fundraise for the legal defense of those arrested in the Herb School raid on February 20th. Artwork by local visionaries, including Ken Foster, John Walkus Green, Thunder, Bob High and others, will have their pieces available for bidding. Friday, March 7th beginning at 8:00pm, hosted at the Herb Museum, 343 East Hastings in Vancouver, BC. More information may be posted in the CC Forums “Upcoming Events” area.