USA Election 2008: Barack Obama vs. Ron Paul

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will end the Drug WarRon Paul is the ONLY candidate who will end the Drug WarMarijuana users appear to be divided in supporting either Barack Obama (Democrat) or Ron Paul (Republican) in state primary votes, where presidential candidates are voted on. Even though it seems Obama’s message of “change” has been drawing supporters, it is imperative you understand the very defined difference between Obama and Paul when it comes to marijuana and the drug war.
Barack Obama has said CLEARLY HE WILL NOT LEGALIZE MARIJUANA or in any way alter the drug war except he has promised to stop DEA raids against medical patients in California. His remark was: “It’s a poor use of resources.” Period. In all the videos of Barack Obama being asked about medical marijuana, he expresses no sympathy or empathy on this issue. Since joining the Senate in 2004, Barack Obama has never sponsored or even voted for ANY legislation that repeals ANY aspect of the Drug War. Barack Obama has ALWAYS VOTED TO FUND THE IRAQ WAR in EVERY SENATE vote.

Also, Barack Obama responded to “Partnership For A Drug Free America” presidential candidate questions by saying he would increase the drug war and give federal power over drug courts. Obama will make the drug war even worse in America!

Partnership For A Drug-Free America: Response of Senator Barack Obama

1. I believe that successfully keeping drugs off of America?s streets requires a comprehensive approach that transcends the boundaries between local, state, and federal law enforcement. As president, I will take several steps to bolster efforts to reduce alcohol and drug abuse in communities throughout America.

First, I believe that the fight to combat drug abuse requires the close cooperation of international allies like Mexico and Canada. I have worked to secure federal funding for inter-jurisdictional task forces in Illinois, and I have supported the State Department in enlisting the international community to fight the vast network of drug cartels that find clients here in the United States. As president, I will expand such initiatives to all corners of the drug enforcement apparatus.

Second, I will ensure that states have the resources to support existing drug courts, which have been proven successful in dealing with non-violent offenders. These courts offer a mix of treatment and sanctions, in lieu of traditional incarceration.
Currently, the Department of Justice makes grants available to state and local governments to establish drug courts. I will replicate these efforts within the federal criminal justice system by signing a law that would authorize federal magistrates to
preside over drug courts and federal probation officers to oversee the offenders? compliance with drug treatment programs.

Third, I will continue to fight against meth abuse, and to strengthen meth enforcement. In the U.S. Senate, I cosponsored the Combat Meth Act of 2005, major parts of which became law in 2006. The bill puts federal funds into the fight against
methamphetamine, provides assistance to children affected by meth abuse, and places restrictions on the sale of the ingredients used to make the drug. I also cosponsored and fought for a Justice Department amendment to increase funding for enforcement programs, and support taking on the Mexican cartels that are supplying the chemicals to make methamphetamines.

Fourth, I will support afterschool programs. These programs keep kids safe and away from bad influences, and help build safer and stronger communities. I believe we need to increase federal support for after-school programs with proven records of success at helping children avoid crime and drugs.

Finally, I will promote healthy communities and work to strengthen our public health and prevention systems. I will promote healthy environments, which would include restricted advertising for tobacco and alcohol to children and wellness and educational campaigns. I will increase funding to expand community based preventive interventions to help Americans make better choices to improve their health.

2. Parents are our first line of defense against alcohol and drug abuse, but we have to support them in this effort. First, some parents lack the knowledge and tools to talk about this problem with their children, and we need to provide these parents with resources and information. We must inform parents about substance abuse problems early on and then reinforce it as their children reach the vulnerable years. My health care plan includes strengthening our public health and prevention infrastructures so that parents get the information they need about substance abuse, and guidance on how to talk about it. And my poverty plan calls for the creation of ?Promise Neighborhoods? in our cities that will support similar public health initiatives.

Second, some parents are just not taking the time to engage with their kids on this issue. We need to tell parents to turn off the television, put away the video games, and spend some time providing the guidance our children so badly need and desire. Parents need to strike up a conversation with their kids and warn them against the perils of drug use. As President, I will ask parents to do this.

I understand the importance of parents being fully engaged with their kids about the perils of drugs and alcohol. I?ve been quite open about my struggles as a young man growing up without a father in the home. I had to learn very early on to figure out what was important and what wasn?t, and exercise my own judgment and in some ways to raise myself. Along the way, I made mistakes. And so I recognize the importance of parents talking to their children and actively engaging them on this issue, and will promote these values as president.

Ron Paul:

* Has Voted AGAINST the DRUG CZAR’s (John Walters) Budget EVERY YEAR



* Votes AGAINST all anti-marijuana advertising EVERY YEAR

* Votes AGAINST JUSTICE DEPARTMENT appropriations (money) for the DEA every year

Ron Paul has many videos where he promises to PARDON ALL THE POT PEOPLE, and FREE ALL JAILED NON-VIOLENT federal drug law offenders. Ron Paul will restore VOTING RIGHTS to all previously convicted federal drug-law offenders. Ron Paul will free hundreds of thousands of African-Americans. No African-Americans will be freed by Obama, as few medical marijuana patients are African-American — and virtually none of the blacks in jail (over 600,000 blacks in jails in the USA for drugs) would be released under Obama’s Prohibition. Those same people would be freed, pardoned and have their voting rights restored by President Ron Paul.

When Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked Ron Paul for his first domestic act as President on January 4th, Ron Paul said he would order the Justice Department to stop arresting sick people for using marijuana in states that have legalized it for medical uses. Wow!

Ron Paul has voted against the IRAQ WAR from its inception and has always voted to DEFUND the war in Iraq and the military EMPIRE ABROAD.

I urge fellow stoners to look beyond Barack Obama’s “Likeableness” and see that there is no substance to Barack Obama on issues of the drug war. He supports prohibition, period. In fact, because Obama used marijuana and cocaine as a youth, its likely he will have to over-compensate to white voters and religious voters and promise to maintain the drug war paradigm, which is what happens with many ex-smokers (Clinton, Gingrich, etc.) who get into “high” office!

Ron Paul’s FIRST act as President will be to restrain the DEA immediately. He has stated this even though it is a pronouncement full of risk. Ron Paul believes in truth and doesn’t let electibility influence his principles, which are based on individual liberty and the US Constitution.

Ron Paul has never even seen marijuana, but he is way more true and sincere and correct on the issue than our former puffer Obama. Ex pot-smokers are often the most anxious to show prohibitionists how sorry they are for their “youthful indiscretions” when the opportunity for power is presented to them.

With Ron Paul, there is no such compromise possible. There is no comparison. Obama is a pretender, Ron Paul is a liberator.


And if its of any influence, Ron Paul will certainly rescind the indictment and Extradition Request for the BC3, which includes myself, Greg Williams, and Michelle Rainey. So, to all the tens of thousands of Americans who have asked how they can do the most for me in my battle with the DEA and US Justice Department, you can do the most for me by doing the most for all US pot people: campaigning and voting and telling everyone you know to make RON PAUL PRESIDENT in 2008.

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The Constitution is what Ron Paul respects mostThe Constitution is what Ron Paul respects mostYour Next President On Drugs

The following is from Cannabis Culture #68’s article “Your Next President On Drugs“, which examines every presidential candidate’s position on marijuana and the drug war. The top candidate for the cannabis culture is clear: Ron Paul’s credentials are second to none!

There is one outstanding Republican and two excellent Democratic candidates that we believe are worth voting for. In our opinion, Republican Ron Paul is the best Presidential candidate to emerge from either party in 50 years. If George Bush has you rightly disgusted for his drug war, his Iraq War, for letting neo-cons usurp the US government, then Ron Paul is the anti-Bush. Ron Paul has been a Congressman for 20 years, and votes on every occasion with 100 percent consistency against the drug war, against the drug czar’s office, and in favor of medical marijuana; he’s also chief sponsor of the 2007 Industrial Hemp Act. Ron Paul is the only one of all the Republican Presidential candidates to continually oppose the Iraq War in Congress, since before the first vote in 2002. Ron Paul voted against The Patriot Act, and against regulating the Internet.

Ron Paul believes this: “While recognizing the harm that drug abuse causes society, we also recognize that government drug policy has been ineffective and has led to frightening abuses of the Bill of Rights which could affect the personal freedom of any American. We, therefore, support alternatives to the War on Drugs. Per the tenth amendment to the US Constitution: matters such as drugs should be handled at the state or personal level. All laws, which give license to violate the Bill of Rights, should be repealed.” (Republican Liberty Caucus Position Statement 00-RLC13 on Dec. 8, 2000.)

Ron Paul promised in the Detroit Free Press on September 21, 2007 that he would pardon non-violent drug offenders, also saying “mandated life sentences are insane. I’d release them. I’d pardon them.” As I wrote in the Letter From the Editor of CC number 66, I believe Ron Paul would have his Attorney General rescind the extradition request for myself, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams. Ron Paul – whom the mainstream media has, until recently, largely ignored – is the true Champion of the Constitution. He is the number 1 defender of your civil liberties in the US Congress. You can see many outstanding speeches and debates with Ron Paul at Google Ron Paul and listen to or read any of his major speeches; you will be amazed.

This is a video of Ron Paul confirming his support of medical marijuana:

Here Ron Paul says on a TV debate that he would REPEAL THE ENTIRE FEDERAL WAR ON DRUGS:

Find out what Ron Paul is about 24 hours a day by listening to My wife and I have a show on Ron Paul radio, the most recent episode called “A Ron Paul Presidency and Prohibition”. If, after investigating Ron Paul yourself, you are convinced to support him in your state primary, you must affiliate Republican on your voter registration form available at