Monday was Canada’s Day of Demonstration Against Prohibition and Bill C-26

Bill C-26 is a US-style Drug War, complete with mandatory minimums for growing even one plant! The Canadian public already oppose these proposals, but the Conservative Party is determined to push through Americanized drug policy! The Canadian National Demonstration Against Prohibition and Bill C-26 took place on Monday, December 17th from 12:00pm – 1:30pm at Members of Parliament constituency offices all across Canada. Please click here to see the demonstration results in the Cannabis Culture Forums!
We are DEMONSTRATING at our elected REPRESENTATIVES to DEMAND MP’s listen to science, facts, the Senate Report 2002, and to NOT pass the Bill-C-26, the Government Drug Amendments. INSTEAD WE MUST give each Member of Parliament compelling reasons why we should end Prohibition and solve all the problems of prohibition with a taxed and regulated form of distribution. We will propose counter-amendments that would, if legislated, solve the key concerns of the people and government regarding gun crime, gang activity, etc.

Theatrical demonstration (chains, leg irons, prison uniforms, signs,) with 10 – 20 people at ALL 308 Members of Parliament Constituency Offices across Canada. Its a day to educate each MP by giving out pamphlets to passers by and the MP and their assistants. Dressing in prison uniforms, hand-cuffed or leg-ironed, with a ball and chain, padlocks, or a variation of this with signs that might say “Prohibition Hurts People, Bill C-26 Hurts Canadians” and ” HONK if you oppose jail for pot!”

The Conservatives have introduced amendments to the Controlled Drugs & substances Act that mandate minimum penalties for sellers of 3 kilograms of cannabis, all growers who grow in a rented property, all growers who have children in the garden house, any production of hashish and budder and oil for distribution, maximum penalties raised to 14 years, equal to manslaughter, for cannabis production! The penalties for marijuana have been getting more severe in the courts for the last year, and arrests across Canada are up considerably.

This is a day time protest, 90 minutes starting at noon. The idea is to present the CANNABIS USER as a good, decent citizen. PROHIBITION is the evil, PRISONS and INMATES are the RESULTS. So we must do a theatrical demonstration of individuals (possibly wearing hats of different professions, nurse, graduate, construction, etc.) dressed as prisoners, leg irons, hand cuffs, orange prison jump suits or the old Monopoly jail outfit of black and white stripes, holding a sign saying “POT PEOPLE DON’T DESERVE JAIL” ” THE ANSWER IS TO END PROHIBITION ” ” QUEBEC IS NOT THE USA; No More Drug War, if you please” “LE QUEBEC n’EST pas L’USA ; Aucune Guerre de plus de Drogue, si vous s’il vous pla?t” ” Free Societies don’t Punish Freedom, do they?”

Prison theatrics are accompanied by a sign. Others give out pamphlets to passersby. NO ONE IS SMOKING POT. This isn’t to be seen as DEFIANCE, this is a political demonstration. The media, if they show, must see one message and that is prohibition = punishment = jail. NO DISTRACTIONS, PLEASE! It’s not a rebellious smokeout, it is political theatre organized to make an impact on your local media and your local MP.

– Contact Cannabis Culture activist Jacob Hunter at [email protected] and organize or join a demonstration at your local MP’s constituency office.

– Join the exchange of ideas and information at the Cannabis Culture forums at the CC Forums

– Join the Facebook group National Day of Demonstration Against Prohibition and Bill C-26. If you haven’t already done so, add [email protected] and [email protected] to your Facebook friends for regular updates!

– Watch the videos, one by Marc Emery with Jodie and Jacob promoting the day of protest, and the other is lawyer Kirk Tousaw’s video about why Bill C-26 is a threat to everyone’s safety and will increase crime instead of stopping it:

Canadian National Day of Demonstration Against Prohibition

Stop Bill C-26 with Kirk Tousaw