Stephen Harper to Wage ‘Mandatory Minimum Jail’ Marijuana War in Canada

This week in the Canadian Parliament, Stephen Harper’s Health Minister Tony Clement will introduce legislation to punish the cannabis culture with MANDATORY MINIMUM sentences for growing marijuana, increase funding for propaganda denouncing cannabis use as “illegal” and “uncool”, a reduction in funding for harm reduction, and an increase in funding for police enforcement.
Punishment of drug traffickers is the Conservative Party policy that has the most traction with the Conservative voter base in Canada and is the key issue that Conservatives are indicating they’d like an election call over.

Watch this video from Global National about the Conservative Drug Policy announcement

The opposition New Democrats will demand a scheme of taxation and regulation, and with former Cannabis Culture Magazine editor DANA LARSEN as a candidate for the NDP in the riding of Sunshine Coast/West Vancouver, Sea to Sky Country, the philosophical battle this election will be clear. Conservative Prohibitionists versus NDP Repealers.

The Liberal Party and the Bloc Quebecois, two parties who are in danger of losing seats to the Conservatives and NDP, will need to articulate their positions, for the Liberals it will be a party torn by division on the issue and disarray after shocking by-election losses in Quebec, and the Conservatives will be keen to exploit it. Expect 20 – 30 Liberals to side with the Conservatives to pass these shameful new jailing offenses for the pot people.

In a Canadian Parliamentary situation, the Conservatives will require 30 members of the opposition to support their new get-tough measures. Normally, 30 prohibitionist Liberals are easy to find, but it will be wounded Liberal leader Stephane Dion’s job to keep his party on a consistent policy track and enforce it among his caucus, not easy and not likely. The introduced measure will get first reading and then proceed to Committee where opposition MP?s would be in the majority and it will be debated there, with delegations being heard.

However, in that period, the Conservative party will be looking to force the opposition to block government legislation so the Conservative leader Stephen Harper can call an election. With his get tough on marijuana campaign as an election platform, the Conservatives would need 38% of the vote to form a majority government. Even though 62% or more of the nation may vote against the Conservatives, we may end up with a Conservative majority — ushering in the darkest times for the Canadian cannabis culture in our history.

Please help former Cannabis Culture magazine editor Dana Larsen’s election campaign in the riding of Sunshine Coast/West Vancouver, Sea to Sky Country. He is running in Canada’s federal election as the candidate for the anti-prohibitionist New Democratic Party (NDP).

To help Dana out in this very visible campaign on this very vital issue of cannabis prohibition, he will need your money. The more support and money Dana gets, the more weapons he can use to battle the Stephen Harper prohibitionists in this next election.

It will be our strategy at the BC Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture magazine to urge all Canadians to give money, time, energy, and campaign for the New Democratic Party candidates in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Montreal, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, where the NDP is poised to take seats away from the Liberals and Conservatives.

In every riding in Canada, demand to know from all the candidates where they stand on the Extradition of the BC3 — Greg Williams, Michelle Rainey, and Marc Emery.

Anyone in Canada can send a donation to Dana Larsen?s election campaign fund and receive the tax credit. You don’t need to be an NDP member or live in his area to donate and get a Canadian federal tax credit. All donations result in a direct tax credit of up to 75%. This means that your donation of, say, $400 will result in a direct return to you of $300 with your 2007 tax return. You will have donated $400, and it only cost you $100 to do this.

The local NDP organization keeps 100% of federal political donations sent directly to the West Van/Sunshine Coast NDP mailbox. All of the money you send in between now and the federal election campaign will be spent directly on former CC editor Larsen’s local election campaign. Cheques and Money Orders should be made out to “WV-SC NDP” and can be mailed to:

Box 65, Gibsons, BC
V0N 1V0