Nova Scotia Marijuana “Cancer Cure” Grower Rick Simpson Found Guilty

The last plant left behind after the raidThe last plant left behind after the raidAMHERST – Just because some “idiotic law” says he has to won’t stop Rickey Simpson from treating his patients suffering from illnesses such as cancer with cannabis oil. “People have proven to me once again they have total lack of common sense. There’s something wrong with them,” Simpson said outside the courtroom yesterday after a jury found him guilty to one count each of possession of less than 30 grams of cannabis marijuana, possession of less than three kilograms of tetrahydrocannabinol for the purpose of trafficking and unlawful production of cannabis marijuana.
“I thought the jury would see this for what it is and that they would welcome this medicine.” When discussing an adjournment for sentencing, Simpson told Justice Felix Cacchione to put him in jail that day. “It may be better to lock me up right now. As soon as I get home I’m going to treat my patients. I’m going to grow that plant until the day I die, so I might as well be put in jail today. I can’t stop in the middle of (treatment). People’s lives are at stake here.”

In response, Justice Cacchione told Simpson that when a guilty verdict is found, bail is most often times revoked. He did, however, tell Simpson he wasn’t going to revoke his bail. “You have complied with all your bail terms, so for that reason, I am not going to,” said Justice Cacchione, adding that Simpson has until 4pm Wednesday to visit the parole board office to set up a time for a pre-sentence report.

The Crown’s office went by way of summary conviction to the first charge and indictment by the second two. Simpson could be facing a fine as a sentence to the simple possession charge. The trafficking charge could carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison, while the maximum sentence of unlawful production is seven years. Crown attorney Monica McQueen didn’t have much a reaction to the verdict, and couldn’t speculate on the sentencing recommendation the Crown would be submitting to the courts.

Simpson’s sentencing has been adjourned for a pre-sentence report upon Justice Cacchione’s request, who also wants to see the crown’s position on sentencing. Simpson will return to court for sentencing at 12pm on November 30, 2007, his 58th birthday.

– Article from Amherst Daily News

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Nova Scotia Marijuana “Cancer Cure” Court Case Turns Into Constitutional Concern

Tom McCoag, The Chronicle Herald
September 14, 2007

Amherst, Nova Scotia – A Maccan-area man who says marijuana cures cancer admitted Thursday he grew marijuana on his property, turned it into an oil and distributed the oil free of charge to people fighting a variety of diseases. However, Ricky Logan Simpson, 57, told the jury hearing his Nova Scotia Supreme Court trial on three drug charges that he should not be considered a criminal because the laws forbidding the possession, growing and distribution of marijuana are unconstitutional.

Mr. Simpson faces charges of possessing less than 30 grams of marijuana, possessing less than three kilograms of cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking and unlawfully producing marijuana. The charges were laid following an Aug. 3, 2005, raid on his Little Forks Road property that netted 1,190 plants with a street value of between $400,000 and $800,000.

Rick Simpson leaves courtRick Simpson leaves court“What am I doing in this court, and what right does the RCMP have to terrorize the public with a law that does not exist?” Mr. Simpson, who is representing himself, told the jury during his testimony. He read his entire testimony from an 11-page document.

He explained he first began using marijuana to treat post-concussion syndrome after prescription drugs failed. The marijuana “did more for me than all of the pills prescribed to me by my doctor,” he said.

A subsequent brush with skin cancer that he cured with hemp oil, and the curing effects it had on dozens of people who used his product, along with different scientific publications, convinced him that marijuana was a “miracle, cure-all drug,” he added.

He criticized his doctor for failing to get him a licence to possess and grow medicinal marijuana, saying the physician refused to even discuss the medicinal value of marijuana.

Mr. Simpson testified that he had not hidden his efforts to help people with his hemp oil. He said that over a four-year period he brought “the miracle cure of marijuana” to the attention of the police, the medical community, two different federal ministers of health, local politicians and the media.

All of them ignored him, he said. He was particularly miffed at the Canadian Cancer Society, which ignored his request to evaluate his cure for cancer. “The cancer society runs from the cure to cancer; they’re not running to cure cancer,” he said. And greedy pharmaceutical companies and physicians don’t want this cheap medication getting into the hands of people because it would hurt their bottom line, he said.

The trial is scheduled to continue Monday when the Crown presents rebuttal evidence. It is expected the jury will begin deciding Mr. Simpson’s fate next Tuesday.

– Article from The Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia

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  14. Anonymous on

    My son in law, 29 has just had brain surgery for a brain tumor.They want to start Chemo. He is in NZ. Can you tell me how to make the hemp oil,So I can get them the information.Thanks for all you do!
    God Bless
    Erica ST Germaine

  15. Anonymous on

    More power to you! I wholeheartedly support your decision. NEVER let anyone interfere with your ability to care for your own health and the health of your loved ones. Your choice to produce your own hemp oil could save your wife’s life. Do not be discouraged. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, and I trust your wife will recover.


  16. Michael J. Hagerty on

    My wife has cancer. She is on chemo right now and it is killing her. I browsed the web and came across Rick Simpson and his videos. As soon as I watched them I knew he was telling the truth. I knew it was no scam. Marijuana is the most medicinal plant in nature but our so-called Governments are so corrupt that they won’t let real hemp oil out because of the money factor. Rick is a saint in my eyes. I will make my own hemp oil. To hell with the Government.

  17. Elisa on

    I do agree that governments and phama companies do not care about us at all! They are there only to make mony and be rich. They do not have any problems denying the truth and supporting injustice! They know they lie and they do it intentionally!
    Great to free yourself from cancer are: Garlic, Turmeric, Black pepper, Positive visualisation, Reiki and a do believe in the Hemp Oil.
    Marijuana at the end of the day is a plant like all the others, and I am sure that if it is used correctly it can only do good to your health and happiness!

  18. Anonymous on

    If you want to help your uncle, buy him this book. It is a gift, truely a gift for everyone, not only people afflicted with this dreadful disease.
    All the best.

  19. American, motherfucker! on

    Why in the hell would you put an advert on here under this topic? Thats whats wrong with this picture, not enough people are taking this serious. Who gives two shits about some fake ass lab created jewelry some wanker in London is selling? Links of London is an uncredible piece of horse shit company. They will be added to the shitty business list of crooks. More people read my blogs in one day than come to that store in one year. This is why important shit like hemp oil cures cnat be recognized because of greedy people wanting more money. I have lost many family members to cancer and the like. One even died form the chemo. The human body will reject an un-natural amount of foreign chemicals. And if you repeatedly induce by force the body will give up. But hey, who cares the pharma’s and physicians make plenty and will not give it up. Everyone hates politicians, WHY? They are controlled by the money the financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies generate back to them. AND NO its not just America, Rick Simpson was locked up in another country. The pharm co’s mostly are in other countries. America just has the most money to spend because of our fucked up tax codes to redistribute the wealth. Its ok though, they cant take what they call “drug money” because they never see it and thats how we make it round here. There the one’s with all the drug money.WHEN WILL PEOPLE EDUCATE THEMSELVES? WHEN WILL THE SHEEP-PLE WAKE UP? Oh yea fuck Links of London, I got off track sorry.

  20. Eye Opener on

    I’m fed up with the majority of “free thinkers” who tolerate this shit. It is WE THE PEOPLE who let this crap go on day in, day out. When are they going to wake up?? What a different bunch of tamed “citizens” you have become.

    Nough said.

  21. stone free on

    Marijuana is illegal because it is the best candidate to wipe out the oil industry. While oil destroys the Eastern coastline of America, I remind you that you do not live in a free country. If you don’t believe in people conspiring together for one goal, consider the Masonic seal on the American dollar bill. It might just as well be an Exxon sign. If you still think you’re free, get an American dollar bill and look at it! Then go and read about John Hutchison, his experiments, and the joint effort that shut him down. You are not free people. Canada is not a free country, and neither is the US. The number one charge against citizens in America who are in jail, is conspiracy, but I don’t remember any conspiracy cases in the news.

    Remember that oil is completely integrated into the stock market and that politicians really do bow down to G.O.D. Tell anyone and everyone you can about Henry Ford’s hemp seed oil powered car, and that the by-product of hemp seed fuel is food. So while they continue to teach starving countries to grow nutritionally exempt corn, one wonders why Marijuana is illegal almost everywhere in the world. Is that not evidence of conspiring? If it were legal, countries along the equator would produce more fuel than anyone else.

    Is it not your human right to acquire and use anything that helps your quality of life?
    If a dying man asks for a drink of water, do you give him a stone? (funny choice of words)
    Is Rick Simpson’s oil not the anointing oil brewed up by Moses?
    Is it not recorded to have cured anything?

    It is an interesting time to be alive. It seems that we are at a point in history where change is inevitable.
    The industrial complex is scrambling to get us all back in line. Reality TV has certainly helped. I’m going to be famous!
    Why do we sit back and let ourselves get screwed?
    Well, I have bills to pay, and besides the game is on….

    Rick Simpson is a folk hero.

    Word of mouth, power to the people!

    You say you want a Revolution . . .
    . . . give a dying man a stone.

  22. Ontario on

    Millions of people know there are lots of CURES for cancer.. The fad and big pharma companies make zillions of dollars a year on dying people. if they are CURED then those companies are out of business. Do what you think is right do not believe anything the Government tells you. They LIE we all know that. GARLIC another CURE for CANCER…

  23. Anonymous on

    Regardless, I will introduce it to my uncle. He is diagnosed lung cancer. As I know, there is no other effect way anyway. Thanks Mr.Simpson!

  24. Anonymous on

    I agree it is sad that the only comments are advertisements. I heard about Rick Simpsons cure about 2years ago and have still been reading, listening and wondering. I myself smoke cannabis and have been doing so the past 8-10years and have yet to try this method. I dont think he’s lying, the man seems really honest and noble. I know people who would probably benefit from his Medicine and in my heart I would love to try this. I really dont know what im waiting for….

  25. Anonymous on

    Wow, the only two comments on this are both advertisements? I’m shocked that the entire country isn’t shaking their fists at the government over this! Haven’t we ALL lost someone we love to cancer or some other illness that this medicine could have prevented/treated/cured? I have a lot of faith in this medication; I live in Nova Scotia, and I have seen first hand what this stuff can do. It is not a scam. it is not a get rich quick scheme. it is not a fraud. Rick Simpson is a very honest man with much integrity, and should be treated as such.
    In the beginning I was skeptical. So I tried doing what I do whenever I see something too good to be true, I tried to debunk this. The more I look into it though, the more credibility exists for this. Is harvard university not a good source? they claim Thc can kill cancer cells.

    It really is despicable what we are putting up with as a nation.