The Extradition Process – Flow Chart

This is a general description of how the extradition process works in Canada. Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams (the BC3) are not considered “fugitives” but are instead referred to as “persons sought”, according to their cases and documents. This flow chart provides a fairly simple explanation of how the extradition process works, and it applies to the BC3 as well. The first three steps have already taken place (the very first step, “provisional arrest”, was not necessary in this situation) and there are five steps remaining until the BC3 are guaranteed to be extradited, depending on the availability of financial resources for lawyers to fight all the way to the end.
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At this point we are awaiting the extradition hearing, which has been scheduled for November 5-8th 2007. Previous hearing dates have been scheduled, cancelled and rescheduled, so the hearing date can be considered tentative. Any changes will be posted online.

Petitions and letters/phone calls to the Justice Minister should continue being made and sent for as long as this process will take. The chart shows that the Justice Minister’s decision comes after the judge’s decision, leaving approximately three to six months between the extradition hearing completion, the judge’s decision release, and the Justice Minister’s decision release. It is absolutely essential that pressure mounts during this period!

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Note: This flow chart appeared in “The Province” newspaper on March 4th, 2007.

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