Cannabis Culture Sponsors “Ron Paul: Hope For America” Bicycle Marathon in S.C.

Vote for Liberty and Freedom, not Tyranny and War!Vote for Liberty and Freedom, not Tyranny and War!Cannabis Culture Magazine is sponsoring a Ron Paul “Hope for America” bicycle awareness tour in South Carolina. From September 15th to the 23rd, marathon cyclist Ken Locke will ride through South Carolina armed with one thousand “Ron Paul: Hope For America” buttons, two thousand 3×5-inch information cards, a bicycle sign reading “Ron Paul: Hope For America, President 2008”, and a trailing flag that says “Ask Me About Ron Paul for President!”
While Kent hands out buttons and cards, he will deliver Ron Paul’s message to the folks of South Carolina, recognizing the importance of the Palmetto State’s early primary on February 2, 2008. We encourage anyone in South Carolina to support Kent and Cannabis Culture, but more importantly to support and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican primaries!

Contact [email protected] for more information.

This Thursday in Vancouver, British Columbia, our Ron Paul meet up group is setting up a Ron Paul pavillion in downtown’s main square at the Art Gallery, from 4:00 to 7:00pm. Three giant Ron Paul banners will hopefully draw US visitors to our booth, where information can be shared and taken away.

Starting next week, we will need volunteers to hold our 8-foot long by 3-foot wide Ron Paul Banners at the Vancouver cruise ship terminal, where most of the passengers are exiting and entering the cruise ships Thursday to Sunday. Most of these well heeled people are American and Republican! So this is fertile and potentially valuable prospecting for Dr. Paul’s campaign of constitutionally bound government and individual liberty.

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