New Stuff Online at the CC Store

The Cannabis Culture Store online has added new products in our endeavour to supply the marijuana market with fun stoner stuff! Celebrate being part of the cannabis culture by wearing a pot leaf lei with pride at the beach, baking pot leaf cookies for your summer outdoor parties, passing out lemonade on pot leaf coasters, and enjoying your sweet herb from the newest vaporization unit.
Yes, summer is here and it’s time to hang out with friends, family, and even new buds! Beaches and parks will be full of people chilling in the sunshine, perhaps smoking a few joints between laughing and playing frisbee. What are you going to be doing for summer fun this year?

If you’re coming to Vancouver, BC, you’ll find the old BC Marijuana Party Bookstore has morphed into the amazing new Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters and BC Marijuana Party Vapour Lounge! Downtown in the heart of Vancouver sits the Pot Block, and we’re here in the CCHQ store waiting to make your day!

Need rolling papers? Pipes of wood, metal, pyrex or glass? Maybe a lighter? A big bong, or a little one? How about a true heady piece, a unique glass-blown pipe or bong? Hookah kits? Stash boxes? Roach clips? Stickers, buttons, patches, and hemp twine? Gas-mask bongs? Pipe cleaning tools? We’ve got it all!

Hundreds of glass pieces in various beautiful colours, styles, functions and sizes. Vaporizers of all sorts are for sale and can also be tested in the BCMP Vapour Lounge! The Volcano is the champion of all vaporizers and one sits proudly at every table in the Lounge.

What about clothes? We’ve got that too! Not just old hemp hippy pants, mind you, but really cool, stylish hemp and hemp/bamboo fashions, some imported from Europe! Satori Movement, Sidual, Hemp Hoodlamb, Kanna Beach, and more brands await in the form of women and men’s clothes. You’ll be amazed at how hemp clothing has evolved into fabrics so smooth and silky – you’ll be shocked it’s all made with the toughest fiber of all, hemp!

And of course we’ve got books, tons and tons of books about marijuana culture, growing, photos, consuming, baking, lifestyle, identifying, breeding, selling, everything! Cannabis Culture Magazine backissues are available (and the new CC is always here first!) while all other pot magazines are also available. There are books about mushrooms and other herbs, drug war history, first-person experiences, safe use, and many many other topics. We also have movies and music!

We have so many nick-nack pot paraphernalia toys that you’ll feel like a kid in a cannabis candy shop! Hemp makeup, lotion, hair products, and dread wax; hackeysacs, skateboards, wallets, backpacks, stash jars, dugouts, one-hitters, mushroom kits, drug test products, incense, jewelry, and so much more!

Visit 307 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC!
At Cambie Street and West Hastings, next to Victory Square!
Phone (604) 682-1172!

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Some of you might want to get in on what we have to offer right away, so you can do that here at the CC Store online!

We have Clothing!
Herbal Accessories!
Books and Magazines!
Stickers and Fun Stuff!
Movies on DVD!
You can even buy one-of-a-kind original CC Magazine artwork pieces by classic CC artist Patrick Dowers and current CC artist Cartoon Bob/Bob High!

There are rolling papers, grinders, end jammers, scales, rolling machines, rolling trays, Bubblebag hashmaking bags, and vaporizers. You’ll find fun items like cookie cutters, notepads, coasters, legalize wristbands, autographed posters and centerfolds, CC gift certificates, board games, and stickers. Of course, the No Extradition shirts (for Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams’ fight against extradition to the USA) are sold in cotton and hemp, and you can make donations, large or small, to the legal defense team.

The CC Store online is always adding more products, so make sure you check back often to get the latest goodies!

Have a Sweet Summer, Stoners! See you at the CCHQ!

Welcome to the CCHQ!Welcome to the CCHQ!
Bubblebags and Vaporizers!Bubblebags and Vaporizers!
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Unique Pieces and Pipes!Unique Pieces and Pipes!
The Volcano Vaporizer!The Volcano Vaporizer!
Get Vaped!Get Vaped!
Bong and Babe!Bong and Babe!
Hookah Hottie!Hookah Hottie!
Hot Box Vaporizer!Hot Box Vaporizer!
Pipes and Cases!Pipes and Cases!
One of a Kind Heady Pieces!One of a Kind Heady Pieces!