Extradition Hearing Rescheduled: November 5-8, 2007

The US seeks to take Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams into the US to face ten years to life in the US federal prison system for marijuana seed sales in Canada. They will begin the four-day extradition hearing in a BC Supreme Court on November 5th of this year.
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How Do I Feel, You Ask?

By Marc Emery

The DEA on CNN’s ‘Lou Dobbs’ claimed I was perhaps the largest marijuana producer of all time because of my seed distribution activities. “We believe he is responsible for over 100,000 pounds of marijuana for every year he was in business.” Eleven years in the seed business times 100,000 pounds is 1.1 million pounds, worth conservatively $2.5 billion US.

If its true, I’m proud of bringing such wealth to our community, and using the money that was sent for those seeds to thwart the US government in elections, conferences, activities around the globe. And remarks, such as the ones made on CNN, guarantee that I get the highest sentence possible in a US federal court; and since I am proud of my activities, and wish I did even more, I am in no way repentent.

The future process works like this: the hearing lasts for a week. A verdict from the Extradition Hearing will be made in June, July or August 2007, when the judge comes back with a “Committal” or “Refusal” order. If it comes back “Commit”, then the political phase of influencing Canada’s Justice Minister to refuse the extradition begins.

I and everyone who supports us has to lobby the Canadian Justice Minister to Refuse Extradition, because he has the power to make that decision. There are many great reasons why he should agree with you, and will need to be overwhelmed with letters and calls urging him to refuse extradition. But he could decide immediately, as I’m sure he will, and can order me, or all three of us, surrendered by September or November 2007.

Then we can appeal that decision to the BC Court of Appeal. If I lose there, it is pretty well over. That process would take us to November 2008, the month of the US elections. A Canadian election will happen by then also. Alberto Gonzales, the Bush-appointed Attorney-General, has made me a special target and the prosecutions are being supervised by the Western Washington District Attorney John McKay, another hardline Bush appointee. A change in US President or Attorney-General could be very influential to my outcome. A change in the Canadian government is less likely to produce a change because both the current Conservative government and previous Liberal government want me sent to a US Gulag.

My lawyer Ian Donaldson is an expert extradition lawyer. He’s very overbooked and overworked, and has received very little money, but he works constantly on figuring out a way to stop the extradition. If I were to ask people any one thing it would be to send a check or money order for $25 or $50 to Ian Donaldson, Donalson-Jette, 490-1090 Homer St. Vancouver BC, Canada, V6B 2W9. You can make any donation out to “Ian Donaldson In Trust (Marc Emery)”. Nonetheless, great as my lawyer is, he admits I’m 98% doomed. Even though I’m a nice guy who hasn’t hurt anyone and there are no victims here, the law is not in my favor. So my time is now going through the hourglass…

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