“The Naked Queen” on DVD

VANCOUVER – Daryl Verille’s film “The Naked Queen” is a lush, colourful, thought-provoking trip through the consciousness and spirit, covering cannabis in ancient and recent history, prohibition in its modern form, and US-led dominance and wars against individuals and freedom.
Shot in Nelson, BC with beautiful backdrops of the Kootneys, the main character contemplates his dreams and conversations with Mahatma Ghandi, Carl Jung, and Beethoven, all of whom struggled against some sort of tyranny.

Throughout the film are scenes centered on Marc Emery and his battle against the DEA and US government, illustrating the draconian policies of the Bush Administration and how they affect Canada.

To find out more about the movie and when it may show near you, visit www.TheNakedQueen.com. You can purchase a copy of the DVD from the Naked Queen website, or through the CC Store. Please support this BC-made film and help share its message!