Cannabis Culture Issue 65 Finally Arrives at US Stores and Newsstands

Go find your copy today!Go find your copy today!Cannabis Culture Issue #65 Release Schedule: Subscriptions are arriving this week; Hempstores across the United States have their copies now; Hempstores in Canada have copies NOW; On newstands in Canada NOW; And finally on newstands in United States! Arrived on all American newstands, Borders Books, Barnes & Noble bookstores Thursday April 12th.
SPECIAL ACTIVIST ISSUE: Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Involved


The Crisis
08) America’s Most Disturbing Drug War Prison Sentences – Phil Smith
The US government’s Medieval punishments torture victims and families over pot.
12) Steve Tucker: Forgotten Man – Scott Henry
Tucker and his family were shattered and ruined by DEA targetting of his grow store in Atlanta. Will make you cry. And it happens to someone else every day in the USA.
20) Top 10 Worst Corrupt Cops: How Prohibition Creates Monsters of Law Enforcement – Phil Smith
Cops use torture, murder, supply drugs to organized crime and gangs, frame innocent victims, steal and destroy evidence, while enjoying record budgets to make 1,750,000 drug arrests annually.
24) Penalties of Pot Prohibition – Kirk Tousaw
Its not just possession, selling or growing the Man uses to jail us, but a horde of other laws from selling within miles of schools, arcades, malls, to a used bong to Continuing Criminal Enterprise and then theres state laws and local laws on top of that…

The Response
26) SAFER Colorado’s Rocky Mountain High-Jinx ? Mason Tvert
550,000 voters of Colorado wanted marijuana legal on November 7, 2006. SAFER’s campaign fell short of legalizing cannabis but set an excellent template for future battles.
36) Retail Activism: Dom Kramer’s Yonge Street Hempire – Dom Kramer
Kramer is Canada’s most successful retail activist and he explains how it did it so you can try to as well.
42) Ending Prohibition From Within a Political Party – Dana Larsen
The former editor of Cannabis Culture is organizing drug-war reformers within one of Canada’s mainstream political parties
44) One Woman’s Crusade in America’s Toughest Prohibitionist State – Loretta Nall
Delivering the message of repeal in one of America’s worst jailing states.
46) Word Vaccine: Letter Writing as Activism – Russell Barth
Defining the battle in print is the first priority

The Methods
48) How To Hold a Pot Protest, Rally, or March – Matt Mernagh
Now get out and organize on April 20 or May 5th or July 1st or July 4th or…
52) Rally Tools – David Malmo-Levine
Nuts n’ bolts to getting the rally successfully off the ground
54) How To Open a Hemp Store – Marc Emery
The Retail Revolutionary himself reprises his classic guide to opening a cannabis themed store and making it a self-sustaining lifelong mission
58) How To Stage a Hempfest – Ryan Ballou, Spokane Hempfest
Ryan takes you from his first days of planning to the end of the second annual Spokane Hempfest. A hemp festival in your county or state?

The Politics
64) US Congress 2007: The Agenda Ahead – Bill Piper, Drug Policy Alliance
What key legislation is to be influenced in the upcoming months…
72) For The Presidency of the United States of America – Marc Emery
Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich are two great Congressmen seeking the Presidency of the United States. Why you should support both!
74) Gatewood For Governor in Kentucky – Gatewood Galbraith
The Southern Gentleman from Kentucky is a veteran activist of three decades and seeking the Democratic Party nomination for Governor of the bluegrass state
76) Battle For The States: Medicinal Marijuana Initiatives of 2007 – Marc Emery
10 states on the legalization front lines in 2007
80) Drug Reform Coordination Network & – David Borden
A great organization outlines it goals for the next year
82) National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws: Are You NORML? – Paul Armentino
The grand-daddy of all activist organizations is doing a big huge heap of work, you’ll be impressed
84) November Coalition: A Decade of Fighting for Those Behind Bars – Chuck Armsbury
Rescuing prisoners of the drug war
86) Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – Howard Wooldridge
Brave cops kick prohibitionist ass
88) DrugSense & Media Awareness Project – DrugSense Team
The revolution will definitely be online
90) Ale Yarok, Israel’s Green Leaf Party: Efforts For Peace In The Middle East – Michelle Levine
Peace and enlightenment; If not the stoners, then who?
92) Ed’s Bust, Trial and Re-Trial – Ed Rosenthal
The Guru of Ganja dissects the Man’s trumped up case against him

Regular Stash:
04) Favorite Bud: The Cheese – Jason King
The Cannabible Big Cheese presents his favorite fromage
06) Letter From The Editor – Marc Emery
Will My Extradition Make These My Last Issues I edit?
95) Mail order catalogue – CC Magazine
98) Ask Ed: Growing Q&A – Ed Rosenthal
Read him while he’s still at large too!
106) Ad Index – CC Advertisers
107) Bob High: THC – Cartoon Bob
How the THC molecule enters your brain
108) Cannabis Classifieds – CC Advertisers
110) Pot Puzzlers – Chris Lawson, Chris Goodwin
Four HOTBOX VAPOR vaporizers to four winners
112) Glass Masters: Jason Lee – Kris Gardner
Glass is class

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