Vote YES for Medicinal Marijuana!Vote YES for Medicinal Marijuana!ALABAMA – I have just learned that the Compassionate Care Act HB206 will come up in the Alabama House Judiciary Committee at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, April 4. If you support medical marijuana in the state of Alabama then I need you to get on the phone and call each person on this list and ask them to vote to pass the HB206 out of committee.
The following is a list of the House Judiciary Committee Members.

Here is a sample script you can use when contacting these legislators.

Dear Representative/Senator ________:

My name is _____________, and I live in ________. I?m calling you today to urge your support of the Compassionate Care Act, which was introduced last year by Representative Laura Hall and will be brought up in the Judiciary COmmittee again on April 4.

The Compassionate Care Act would allow certain patients to possess and use doctor-recommended medical marijuana. Patients would have to receive a recommendation by their physician to use medical marijuana.

As your constituent, can you tell me if you will support sick patients by supporting the Compassionate Care Act?

[If yes]

Thank you so much for your support. I hope you will vote ?yes? when this bill comes up for a vote on Wednesday.

[If No remain calm and polite?DO NOT ARGUE]

Thank you very much, can you tell me why you don?t support patients?

[Allow them to answer?you should write down their answer.]

I hope you?ll reconsider, and support this important legislation. I will send you a fact sheet. Thank you.

[ Background Information–If they ask for more information, you can share the facts below.]

As you may know, a 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine found that marijuana can alleviate symptoms related to painful diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma. The Compassionate Care Act would allow patients access to the medicine they need to improve their quality of life.

Support for medical marijuana in Alabama is very high. A poll conducted by the Mobile Register / University of South Alabama in 2004 found that 75% of Alabamians support allowing access to doctor-recommended medical marijuana. And the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) found 72% of older Americans support for allowing access to medical marijuana.

Please take the time today and call each Rep listed below. They make up the Judiciary Committee. If this bill passes out of the Judiciary Committee it will go to the House floor for a full debate and vote. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you call. They will likely be in their home districts until tomorrow. You can call them in their home districts or in Montgomery. Please distribute this WIDELY!!

Loretta Nall

Marcel Black
District 3
Colbert County
Work Phone: (256) 383-2435
Home Phone: (256) 381-5277

DISTRICT NO. 49 – Bibb and Shelby
Cam Ward
Work Phone: (205) 664-6848
Home Phone: (205) 664-1066

DISTRICT NO. 67 – Dallas
Yusaf Salaam
Home Phone: (334) 872-7571

DISTRICT NO. 95 – Baldwin
Stephen A. McMillan
Work Phone: (334) 937-6048
Home Phone: (334) 981-4216

DISTRICT NO. 101 – Mobile
Jamie Ison
Home Phone: (251) 342-6697
Legislative Office: (251) 208-5480

DISTRICT NO. 105 – Mobile
Spencer Collier 11615 Shannon Drive, East
Home Phone: (251) 937-0324

DISTRICT NO. 1 – Lauderdale
Tammy Irons

DISTRICT NO. 19 – Madison
Laura Hall
Home Phone: (256) 859-2234
Legislative Office: (256) 539-5441

DISTRICT NO. 23 – Jackson
John Robinson
Work Phone: (256) 574-9240
Home Phone: (256) 259-2434

DISTRICT NO. 46 – Jefferson and Shelby
Paul DeMarco
Work Phone: (205) 326-6600
Home Phone: (205) 802-7285

DISTRICT NO. 56 – Jefferson
Priscilla Dunn
Work Phone: (205) 432-3053
Home Phone: (205) 426-3795

DISTRICT NO. 65 – Choctaw, Clarke, and Washington
Marc Keahey
Work Phone: (251) 275-3127
Home Phone: (251) 275-3541

DISTRICT NO. 70 – Tuscaloosa
Chris England
Work Phone: (205) 349-0101
Home Phone: (205) 759-9265

DISTRICT NO. 20 – Madison
Howard Sanderford
Work Phone: (256) 533-1989
Home Phone (256) 881-8390