Flint, Michigan Voters Cast 62% in Favor of Legal Med-Pot

FLINT, Michigan – Voters in the city gave approval to a measure legalizing the use of medical marijuana. The proposal to allow the possession and use of marijuana with a doctor’s approval passed Tuesday with nearly 62 percent of the vote, or 1,777 to 1,101, in unofficial results, WJRT-TV reported.
The move is mostly symbolic, since state and federal laws outlaw the use of the drug, which advocates claim alleviates pain and nausea, The Flint Journal reported.
Detroit, Ann Arbor and Ferndale have approved similar measures. Voters in Traverse City in 2005 approved a measure that, while not legalizing the drug, declared possession, use or delivery by a medical patient the lowest law enforcement priority of the city.
Opponents in Flint had said the city was already battling crime and drug problems and shouldn’t legalize marijuana use, even under special circumstances.

To watch video, these are submitted by Shelby from the Flint group that pushed the campaign.






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    And to think Connecticut was about to pass a bill legalizing the medical use of cannabis. Honestly, when are state representatives going to actually listen to the people?

    Fuck you, Jodie Rell. Now I have to continue buying weed from that creepy guy in Hartford and risk getting arrested to deal with the pain from my daily migranes and stress. Found me with a couple grams of weed? Go ahead and throw me in prison. Once I get out, I’ll proudly light up another bowl as quickly as possible. I mean fuck… It’s HEALTHIER THAN A CIGARETTE.