Ken Gorman, Colorado Medical Marijuana Advocate, Shot and Killed in Home

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of medicinal marijuana activist Ken Gorman of Denver, Colorado. On Saturday night, February 17th, Ken was killed in his home by armed intruders. There will be a Sunset Vigil in honor of Ken Gorman on Wednesday, February 21st in Washington Park in Denver. Everyone is welcome to attend in the garden area which is located near Downing and Kentucky. For updates on the story and to read comments, please visit the CC Forums discussion thread.
Marijuana Advocate Ken Gorman Dies In Shooting
– From CBS4 Denver (which also has a news report video that can be seen with the article)

(CBS4) DENVER A Denver man known as a pioneer in Colorado’s medical marijuana community was shot and killed Saturday night after his house was broken into. Ken Gorman, an outspoken advocate for legalizing marijuana, grew pot in his home on the 1,000 block of South Decatur Street. Denver police said they are investigating the shooting, but were releasing few details Sunday afternoon. Family members told CBS4 Gorman was the victim in the crime.

Last weekend, CBS4’s Rick Sallinger did an investigation on Colorado’s medical marijuana law that centered on Gorman. Gorman had recently been giving seminars on how to use the law to obtain the drug even if you aren’t sick. Gorman was on Colorado’s medical marijuana registry. He said he had been suffering chronic pain from bersitis. A CBS4 employee recently approached Gorman with a hidden camera and told him he only wanted marijuana to get high. Gorman then filled a form designating CBS4’s employee as one of his caregivers.

“When we passed the law we passed a great, great law,” Gorman said to the CBS4 employee. “There are so many holes in it that for us, the patient, police can’t do anything.” Gorman was also the host of an annual large marijuana smoke-out at the state capitol. He once ran for the state’s highest office, and earned the nickname, “the governor.”

Colorado is one of 11 states that has legalized the use of marijuana for medical reasons.

Ken Gorman was featured in Cannabis Culture Magazine #59 (March/April 2006) with Colorado med-pot patient Dan Pope. We would like to take this time to share his portion of the article as it appeared in the magazine, as a way of recognizing Ken’s devotion and compassion to the medicinal marijuana movement. Ken was proud to be in the article, and it is clear he had tremendous passion for what he did. We are honoured that Ken was able to appear in Cannabis Culture Magazine before his untimely death, and offer our deepest sympathies to Ken’s family, friends, and community.

Ken Gorman at home in early 2006Ken Gorman at home in early 2006From CC #59:

Mile High Medicine in Colorado
Meet The Caregivers

With only 714 patients registered in the state medical marijuana registry, Colorado has not seen the proliferation of cannabis dispensaries that have appeared in states like California. However, a few brave people are openly providing patients with their much-needed medicine. One such person is Ken Gorman. Although Ken’s political objective is the complete legalization of marijuana, he certainly doesn’t mind growing and providing marijuana to more than seventy patients, many of whom are unable to grow for themselves due to severe disabilities.

Even with the authorities wasting a great deal of taxpayer money each fall monitoring Ken’s backyard garden with helicopters hovering overhead, he has yet to have any problems with law enforcement. Spider mites and burglary rip-offs seem to be the biggest issues he faces. Having organized and put on the annual 420 Festival in Denver for the last thirteen years, Ken is no stranger to law enforcement.

The festival, which happens every April 20th at 4:20 in the afternoon on the steps of the state capitol, has continued to grow over the years with attendance reaching the thousands. Starting around 4:00 pm, Ken begins throwing bags of marijuana to the insatiable crowd, while whipping them into a fevered frenzy with his speeches about marijuana legalization, which echo over the clouds of smoke. Culminating with the countdown to 4:20, a collective hit is deeply inhaled by the peaceful throng, celebrating their pursuit of happiness however tenuous it may be.

Rest In Peace, Ken Gorman.