MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson Checkmates Republican Drug Warrior Mark Souder: VIDEO

In our survey of ten votes in the 109th Congress we always highlight the vote on the ONDCP’s (office of the Drug Czar) budget and any anti-marijuana advertising bills. This year the Drug Czar wants to spend more money on ads than last year even though the Government Accounting Office (GAO) says these ads may actually promote drug use among young people.
MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson redeems his journalistic credentials with this gutsy but subtle grilling of Republican Drug Warrior Mark Souder -Indiana, (possibly the worst anti-pot politician in Congress along with Jim Sensenbrenner). In a rare riposte, Tucker Carlson dryly but devastatingly asks a few simple questions and gets a slew of obvious nonsense from Rep. Mark Souder. Souder was the Chairman of the SubCommittee on oversight of the Drug Czar’s office until last month, that Chairmanship is in the hands of Democratic Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich now! Souder never once as Chairman refused a request from the White House Drug Czar. The porcine Rep. Souder, who in 1998 passed a law depriving students of any federal aid if they had a conviction for pot, is revealed as a blithering, vicious, ignorant bastard. Souder actually says the new pot is as addictive as cocaine and as dangerous. Theres more, but watch it.

Tucker quietly and clinically dissects Souder’s bullshit.

Watch the video on MSNBC here