West Virginia Bill to send Pot Parents to Jail for 10 – 35 years

ACTION ALERT: A West Virginia bill needs to be STOPPED! West Virginia Senators John Unger (D-Berkeley) and Ron Stollings (D-Boone) have introduced S.B. 390, which will make it a felony to possess any controlled substance, including marijuana, if a child is present in the building. The new penalty would be 10-35 years in prison.
Additionally, S.B. 390 would add possession of a controlled substance if a child is present to the conditions allowing the state to take your children. If S.B. 390 becomes law, having marijuana in your home would be considered the same as abandoning your child, repeatedly or seriously injuring your child, and sexually abusing or exploiting your child. Please take action now and tell your legislators that possessing a small amount of marijuana for personal use is not a reason to lose your children.

West Virginia courts already have broad powers to terminate parental rights when marijuana users use or are habituated to marijuana and do not respond to treatment. If this bill is enacted, the courts will lose the ability to make a case-by-case analysis of a parent’s parenting ability ? simply because the parent possessed marijuana.

Draconian measures like this one will not help our communities. This bill would tear families apart and send parents to prison for years. How is this supposed to benefit our children?

Please take action now and urge your legislators to oppose S.B. 390.

Please pass this information on so that even more voices for reform can be heard.