Reverend Peter of G-13 Church in Toronto Out of Jail

Thursday, October 26, 2006. A mild fall evening at the G13 Mission of God at 1905 Queen St. East., in Toronto. All the volunteer Reverends, Missionaries and a large number of parishioners are in attendance which is not unusual for a Thursday night.
The usual mix of conversation about religion, politics, human rights, and of course the partaking of the holy sacrament. A large mix of 18 to 80 year old modern day hippie activists enjoying love, peace and fellowship not seen since the 1960?s. The generation gap and bias are non existent and intolerable by all of our members. Thefts are not tolerated along with alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs legal or not are frowned upon. Everyone must abide by our Church?s golden rule don?t hurt yourself and don?t hurt others. Of course that kind of commandment covers a lot of territory and it does make for a lovingly peaceful and truly spiritual religious environment.

I am standing in the store part of the church with others enjoying a cup of fresh ground coffee saying to myself how God has blessed me with so much. Pondering the real gifts I have received as a 49 year old who just celebrated his birthday just a few days ago. My wife Susie, [together for 19 years]my four beautiful healthy children, as well as the honor of being the administrator of a true modern church with hundreds of members.

The front door comes crashing down as one Reverend gets pushed down on the floor by strangers yelling threats and insults. Satan?s loyal army has attacked the church once again exactly a year since the first raid on us. I think to myself this is my belated birthday present from the dark side of our cities minority. All this while I am yelling ?don?t resist? to the members and ?we will co-operate? to the large platoon of plain clothes and uniformed officers who took control fast. This must have been the easiest raid the Toronto Police Services could possibly hope for but they knew what to expect. I mean the only issue is our sacrament which is promised in Genesis and the fact that we aren?t hiding from it. As history repeats it self the winning force overpowers, takes what it wants, and removes over 20 prisoners of war to the prison. Other Church members were arrested before the attack coming out of the Mission building. My wife Susie was arrested by force at the local variety store and another French only speaking older lady member had her face smashed by the battering ram crew on their way in the front door. All Church members were taxied to either 55 or the new 51 divisions to be processed, fingerprinted, and given private rooms complete with concrete beds and toilets.

The next morning it was off to bail court at the historic Old City Hall which a beautiful landmark now used for the American style drug war. Most received bail that day but some took a few more days to get released only to leave me as the one denied bail so as to send a message that violation of the law twice in a year will not be tolerated. I was bounced back and forth between Toronto Jail and the super jail C.N.C.C. in Penatangueshene only to be denied Christmas with my family. On the 23rd of January I was released on bail in high court with many restrictions and house arrest with my surety.

The hardest thing about being a visionary is the removal from your family. My loving wife and children had to survive without me for three months with only the support of some exceptional church members, friends, and family. Child Services were called in as well as mold, structural, and electrical inspections were ordered by the city to attack our Church. Money is tight and legal bills are costly so the Church is humbly asking for financial support. Satan never plays nice.

Jesus gave his life for us to save us from our sins. Prophets and freedom fighters throughout history gave up so much that we owe it to them as well as ourselves to continue the battle for truth and rights. I have a personal responsibility to my children and my sisters and brothers to do my best to make this world a better place. If I did not have faith in the Gods truth, integrity to myself and the ability to use my intuition I would not have the strength to go to court to win.

I feel confident in a victory in the courts. God and the truth and popular opinion are on our side and that will trump Satan and his feeble lies. The Navaho Nation have a legal and religious right to use peyote because of a Supreme Court ruling in America., The kirpan [strapped sword]is now legal to be carried in high school and the RCMP had to modify their uniforms for the Sikhs because they did not give in. and won in court. I am similarly hopeful that G-13 & Church of the Universe.

Peace be with you and God Bless you all. Reverend Peter Styrsky. [[email protected]]

Editor?s Note: The G-13 Church is listed in the
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