eNDProhibition heading off to the Ontario and Manitoba NDP conventions

Over the next two weeks, eNDProhibition will be hitting the provincial New Democratic Party (NDP) conventions in Ontario and Manitoba. Over the past year, our group of NDP members who oppose Canada’s “war on drugs” has had a successful presence at four provincial and one federal NDP convention.
We have been to NDP conventions in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, as well as the federal NDP convention in Quebec City. At every convention we have had a positive influence: promoting our resolutions, signing up new members, spreading accurate information about the drug prohibition, and solidifying NDP opposition to Canada’s failed drug war.

Despite occasional resistance from the party hierarchy, we have had solid successes and a very warm reception from within the NDP.

We have signed up about 500 members across Canada over the past year, and we have distributed over 15,000 copies of the first issue of our newsletter to NDP clubs and riding associations nationwide.

We have had resolutions successfully passed in Saskatchewan (marijuana legalization), BC (marijuana legalization and expansion of the safe injection site program) and the federal convention (expansion of safe injection sites).

We are also seeing some of our members about to become certified as NDP candidates for the coming federal election. Dana Larsen and Kirk Tousaw in Vancouver, and Matt Mernagh in St Catherine’s Ontario are all looking very likely to be running for the NDP.

We need your help to continue our campaign to push the NDP towards full acceptance of the rights of those who use marijuana and other currently banned substances. If you are a Canadian marijuana activist, please consider joining eNDProhibition and also becoming an official member of Canada’s NDP. You can join the NDP here: www.ndp.ca/join and eNDProhibition here: www.endprohibition.ca/join.php

DANA LARSEN [email protected]
President, eNDProhibition
The unofficial anti-prohibition wing of Canada’s NDP.