My 90-Second Speech to San Diego City Council

“My name is Aaron Klein. I deal with BiPolar disease everyday of my life. 24 Doctors, 34 hospitalizations, a dozen suicide attempts by the age of 24. Then I moved to San Diego and found medical cannabis. Since then I am healing every day, and I have been out of the hospital for many years.
This little green plant literally saves my life several times per month. The THC-Delta 9 found in sativa strains can IMMEDIATELY lift my mood out of suicidal thoughts, past depression, and into the mode of wanting to help others. Over time I have come to realize that thousands if not millions of others with illness could perhaps survive like I have. Cannabis has saved my life.

So I formed Hope Unlimited last May to try and help improve the lives of people living with illness on a local level. The creation of this Hope Unlimited community is an aspect of paramount concern to those disenfranchised by illness. We enlist a collective council responsible for initiating ideas and responding to internal problems. During our weekly support meetings participants join together to find much needed emotional and social support. Sick and dying people often face discrimination, intolerance and arrest. Problem solving, attention to the personal, empowerment, consciousness and awareness are among the gifts that we are called upon to share.

Hope Unlimited was proud to honor the memory of our deceased friend/member Derrick Hamilton on Tuesday January 9th. I filled out a public comment form, and was alloted 90 seconds today.
Since the San Diego city council refused to help Derrick when he was alive with safe access to medical cannabis-i brought Hope’s donation box for Derrick with pictures of him on it—and asked the council if they would like to maybe help now that he is dead.”

Too little, too late.
The council had their heads down
with nothing to say.
I hope the message sticks with them
that Derrick is one of thousands of us
who rely on cannabis for survival.
This is bigger than cannabis,
this is about human rights,
the right to live.

US Constitution: Amendment X:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

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My 90-second speech fast forward to about 18 minutes.

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