CC #63 Pot Puzzler: word search print error!

We apologize for the error in issue 63’s Pot Puzzlers! No, you’re not going crazy – there’s a misprint in the word search! The word search is missing the 7th column of text.
The word search was proofed, and passed, before layout. But very limited time circumstances during this issue’s production resulted in the word search not being proofed after layout, and therefore went unnoticed until post-print and distribution.

So when you do the Pot Puzzlers for issue 63 (November/December 2006), send in the word search, even if it’s not completed, and all word search entries will be included in the draw despite the impossibility of actually completing the puzzle (unless you went for the bigger challenge, and filled in the missing letters in the missing column – then you may have finished it)!

My sincere apologies.
Jodie Emery
Cannabis Culture Magazine