Hollywood’s Temple 420 Raided by LAPD

Temple 420 is a Judeo-Christian Bible based organization that wants to spread God’s Word to the 420 Nation – America! For too long people of faith have had their voices silenced in the cannabis movement. People of faith have been leaders in all sorts of civil rights struggles throughout history, and this cannabis revolution should be no different.
The General Pharmer, Reverend CraigX, is putting his life on the line for his faith. On November 8, 2006 at 4:20 pm more than a dozen armed officers of the law stormed the Temple violate California Codes and Federal Law that protects religious institutions from such unjust persecution. The police seized Temple documents and sacrament from Temple 420. You can see CraigX and the video of the bust on a link on this page.

Temple 420 needs people who are like minded to support the Temple by joining our congregation even in this time of need. We are fighting for the rights of all people who have faith in the Bible and feel as if law enforcement should respect the First Amendment of the Constitution. The right to use cannabis for sacramental purposes will not come easy. However, our rights are worth fighting for so please join the Temple and show your support.

Be a Pharmer for the healing of all nations. Go out and plant a seed as a testament to your faith that this plant is for the healing of all nations. When you smoke your cannabis remember the burning bush in Exodus and think of the Law of Moses, the Ten Commandments, and follow that Law. Cannabis is the plant spoken of in the Book of Revelation and our mission is just. Read the Bible and support our cause. We need your help!

God bless you all,
One love,


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Watch this important video! The police raid and arrest at Temple 420, and Craig X’s message of Hope and Perseverence!