Jason King’s Favorite Bud: P.M.S.

We all know that cannabis can be extremely helpful to women with PMS and pain ? and their mates! This fact has now been laid down to cannabis history with an honorary strain: PMS, or Pineapple X Mothership.
Mothership (Cannabible 2 pg. 110) is an exotic sativa that was all the rage in Asheville, North Carolina for most of the 90?s, until it was lost due to strain hoarding. (Don?t bogart genetics!) Luckily, someone rescued her and headed west to California, where she is much happier being grown in the full California sun. When crossed with the famous Pineapple strain from Oregon (Cannabible 2 pg. 126), full hybrid vigor was achieved and an incredibly delicious, truly medicinal strain emerged.

PMS has a complex flavor that hits on everything from sweet-sappy-tropical to dank-pungent-limey. It?s especially tasty in fatty form, where the flavor seems to get better and better until your lips are burned on the roach! This is a long-lasting, giggly, happy high.

This sample was grown organically outdoors in Mendocino, California, where each of the plants produced multiple pounds at harvest.