Jason King’s Favorite Bud

It is very rare that I come across a new strain that truly blows me away, which is what happened instantly the first time I tried one of DJ Short?s new strains, Old Time Moonshine. It?s a true Hashplant selected for its production of large, clear gland heads (as seen in the microscopic photo). But what got me about this strain is the flavor, which is extremely complex ? it goes from high notes ranging from ?Lebanese hashish? and ?spicy aftershave?, to low luxurious musky tones. The high is definitely in the couchlock category but somehow clear-headed as well, with no muddy mental state as is so often the case with most of today?s indicas. Kudos to DJ Short for his fine selecting skills!
Old Time Moonshine yields above average and harvests in seven to eight weeks indoors, mid-September outdoors. Please be aware that it was a limited release so find it if you can! This sample was grown organically in soil, indoors.