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We all know that elevated levels of carbon dioxide boost, or enhance, plant growth. CO2Boost is an all-natural CO2 generator that gives your room a constant supply of CO2 without any heavy tanks, heat, humidity or open flame. CO2Boost is a one-gallon container filled with organic material and ventilated with an air pump to expel all-natural CO2 into your room. You simply run the tubing to the center of your plants or into the back of a circulation fan to distribute in the room. This is a wonderful product that both says what it does, and does what it says!

Zachary from CO2Boost was kind enough to send me two units to evaluate. I was skeptical at first because I read about ways to ?brew? CO2 and it always seemed like a smelly situation to have a bucket of deterioration and off-gassing. Well, CO2Boost doesn?t smell at all. They recommend you use it with your timer and lights so I put one in my veg-room on 24 hours a day, and one in my budroom on 12 hours a day. I have tested CO2Boost output using the CO2 sensor from my Harvest Master (see CC #57) and verified over 800ppm (parts per million) of CO2. The company claims a life expectancy of around two months, and so far I am impressed and un-stressed. Check out or see the ad on page 99 of this issue.


Have I got exciting news for all you hydro growers out there! The Oxydator was brought over from the aquatics market, originally designed to keep aquariums clean, oxygenated and pathogen-free. Oxydator is made by Pactor GMBH (Sochting) and comes in three sizes: a ?mini? for 20-gallon tanks, an ?A? for up to 105-gallon tanks, and a ?W? for 132 to 1,058-gallon treatment. The really cool and high-tech part is that there?s no electricity involved at all. Instead we have a natural reaction between an acrylic bucket-container and an attached special ceramic beaker that contains H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). The benefits of using H2O2 have been well documented ? it kills all sorts of fungal spores and pathogens such as pythium, botrytis and water-born pests ? but it?s difficult to regulate, as it only stays active for a few hours. H2O2 also kills any beneficial bacteria living in organic additives, so H2O2 and organics couldn?t be used together in hydroponic systems ? until now!

The Oxydator splits H2O2 into oxygen and water (i.e. H2O with one volatile free radical oxygen molecule on the lookout for something organic to attach itself to and kill ? like an ozone generator, but in water). The unit is an acrylic container with a ceramic beaker on top. A rod placed in the base container causes a reaction that pushes H2O2 through the ceramic beaker, splitting the H2O2 into oxygen (O) and water (H2O). The 100% pure oxygen is slowly released in a steady stream and saturates the surrounding water.

The H2O2 itself never comes into contact with the nutrient solution until it has split into oxygen and water, which is how you can use liquid oxygen and organic additives together. In delivering a constant stream of micro-fine pure oxygen bubbles, the levels in the solution stay constant giving you non-stop protection against pathogenic invasion. Additionally, the reaction rate increases with the temperature of the solution, which means warm water ? inviting to pathogens ? produces more oxygen, thus keeping those pathogens at bay.

Remarkably, an air stone can only pump 21% oxygen because this is all that is available in the air we breathe, but the Oxydator produces micro-fine bubbles of 100% pure oxygen to keep your roots happy, healthy and pathogen-free. The unit ranges from $8 to $80, and you can use any H2O2 mixture from 3% to even 35%. Check out or online.


In my ?Cloning for Dummies? article in Cannabis Culture #59, I forgot to mention that you can clone successfully without any rooting hormone at all. I sometimes cut a shoot and stick it directly into a 16-ounce cup filled with potting mix, and in two or three weeks I?ll have a healthy plant. People have done this for centuries. In this century though, there?s a fabulous product I?ve used for years called Dip?NGrow, one of the most effective rooting formulas in the world. Dip?NGrow is a liquid concentrate that can be easily diluted with water. I use the highest dilution ratio of 20:1 with awesome results every time ? the clones are healthier and root a full week earlier than they would with other methods. Because alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients, Dip?NGrow is self-sanitizing and clone cross-contamination problems are eliminated. Everyone should start demanding this economical, precise and professional formula from their grow store, speeding up the process to make it available for everyone. Check out their website for more info. Phone 1-866-347-6476.

Marc Emery and Woody extracting trichomes with the XTR-1000Marc Emery and Woody extracting trichomes with the XTR-1000XTR-1000

This kit comes with everything you need to create the best cold-water hash in the world. All you need is water, ice and your best trimmings, buds or shake. The system consists of two 8-gallon stainless steel buckets with one fitting inside the other; the smaller has a fine screen on the bottom, and the larger has a transparent PVC funnel base. The funnel tip is attached to a 5/8-inch tube, with a clamp near the bottom. The top of it all is a lid with a mixer attached.

The principle is simple: the container is filled with water, ice, and plant matter; the ice freezes the trichome stalks and glands, and the agitation of the mixer causes them to break off and sink; then the trichomes pass through the fine stainless steel screen and slowly collect in the tube at the bottom of the funnel. You simply release the tube clamp and let the concentrated hash mixture fill whatever basin you have. I like to use my finest Bubble Bags in a 5-gallon bucket to catch the trichome mix before running it through all five Bags for different grades of hash. I usually average one gram of pure, perfect ?disappears right before your eyes? bubble hash per ounce of shake.

There are cheaper and faster ways to make hash, but the XTR-1000 is definitely the Cadillac of them all ? I?ve used mine for over a year. It?s easy to operate and even easier to clean. The XTR-1000 is worth every penny and will last a lifetime. Check ?em out at or or call 1-800-547-6268 (in Canada call Kelly, 1 Kelly, 1-403-285-1697).

Grow Great Marijuana by Logan EdwardsGrow Great Marijuana by Logan EdwardsBook Review:
Grow Great Marijuana
By Logan Edwards; Sweetleaf Publishing

Rating: ****

Jef Tek Rating System:
**** (Grow Library)
*** (Coffee Table)
** (Bus Stop)
* (Recycle Bin)

This book claims to be ?An Uncomplicated Guide to Growing the World?s Finest Cannabis? and easily lives up to this assertion. I?ve said before that I love a good index, and this book has both an index in back and a table of contents in front. In the introduction Logan Edwards explains that when he first started growing marijuana the books were too complicated to be useful, or too simple to answer any questions. His own straightforward approach is both useful and insightful without being too complicated and as promised there are no charts or graphs ? however, there are lots of close-up bud shots and male/female sexing photos. This book covers marijuana?s whole life cycle, from seed to clone to full bud, and then dried and finally cured to be smoked.

Even if you grow better than anyone you know, reading books such as this will only help to keep you on top of your game. I don?t have a lot of time to dedicate to reading but I was able to rip through this 280-page book in one day with no problem at all. Edwards explains all the different ways to propagate marijuana but it is obvious he is as prejudiced towards growing hydroponically as I am towards growing in soil ? but hey, whatever provides you with the quality medicine that you need works for me.

Logan Edwards is unknown to me and I?ve never heard of Sweetleaf Publishing either, but if you want an honest book that isn?t trying to imitate anyone else and will only cost you about $25, then this is the one for you.Grow Great Marijuana by Logan Edwards