International Drug Enforcement Counter Symposium

Keep Our Country Free, End the War on Drugs!Keep Our Country Free, End the War on Drugs!This anti-prohibition, pro-reform symposium will counter the DEA’s International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) held in Montreal that same weekend. The International Drug Enforcement Counter Symposium is presented by the Alliance of Canadian Reform Organizations with participation from the criminology department at the University of Ottawa.
International Drug Enforcement Counter Symposium

May 8, 2006 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Marriott Chateau Champlain Ballroom,
1050 de la Gauchetiere Street, Montreal


? University of Ottawa – Criminology Department,
? Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP),
? British Columbia Civil Liberties Association

Guest Authorities:

? Marie-Andree Bertrand, Professor, University of Montreal
? Jerry Cameron, Chief of Police, USA (Ret.)
? Denes Bal?zs, Executive Director, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union
? Libby Davies, MP, New Democratic Party
? Terry Nelson, Supervisor, U.S. Border, Customs and Homeland Security (Ret.)
? Eugene Oscapella, Barrister, University of Ottawa, Criminology
? Hon. Judge Jerry Paradis, British Columbia Provincial Court (Ret.)
? Lionel Prevost, Police Officer, Quebec Provincial Police (Ret.)
? Diane Riley, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy
? Kirk Tousaw, Barrister, BC Civil Liberties Association
? Hon. Judge Martin Vazquez Acuna, Argentina

There will be a Noon Rally with brief speeches in Dorchester Square, at the corner of Peel and Rene-Levesque.

For more information, please contact Marc-Boris St-Maurice by email: boris at mapinc dot org

Conversation and discussion about this event is taking place here in the CC Upcoming Events Forum.

Can’t make it to Montreal?

Hold a protest in your city to show that Canadians across our Nation want the USA Drug War out of Canada!

From the IDEC Protest Webpage:

For the first time in history, the DEA is bringing the IDEC (International Drug Enforcement Conference) to Canadian soil, at the Hotel Hilton in Montreal, Canada, from May 8-11.

In the conference the DEA will be pressuring the RCMP and Canadian lawmakers to enforce harsher drug policies, putting peaceful cannabis users in jail, and violate the democratic process by attempting to shut down or disable legal marijuana legalization groups. This is not only an attack upon the Canadian cannabis culture, but upon Canadian sovereignty.

A variety of anti prohibition groups including Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), eNDProhibition, NORML Canada, Educators for Sensible Drug Policy, and Common Sense for Drug Policy are planning a counter conference exploring the harmful effects of prohibition, its failure as a national policy, and constructive alternatives.

The National Reefer Association will also be mobilizing nationwide protests at American Consulates in Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, and the conference itself at the Hotel Hilton Bonaventure in Montreal TO TELL THE DEA AND THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION THAT CANADIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN LAWMAKING AND POLICY.

For more information about how to get involved, contact Tyler Rumi at [email protected].