Marc Emery in Montreal for DEA Conference, Monday

Marc Emery is anxious to speak out against the DEAMarc Emery is anxious to speak out against the DEAThere will be a special guest in town for the US International Drug Enforcement Conference (IDEC) on Monday. Marc Emery is in Montreal during the DEA conference co-chaired by DEA Administrator Karen Tandy, who exposed the political motivation behind Marc Emery’s arrest and pending extradition.
Marc is attending the International Drug Enforcement Counter Symposium (IDECS), a Canadian response to the American IDEC being held in our country. It takes place on Monday, May 8th at the Marriott Chateau Champlain Ballroom (1050 de la Gauchetiere Street) and is free for all to attend.

Many well-known policy experts and authorities will be speaking against the DEA’s relentless international bullying, violence, political pressure and refusal to accept that prohibition is an unjust, expensive and destructive failure.

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy, top DEA representatives, and US-friendly international drug enforcement organizations are in Montreal for their annual conference. Never in history has the DEA held their meeting in Canada. It’s clear Marc Emery’s arrest and the upcoming extradition hearing have made Canada a “new threat” to the American government and their rabid Drug War prohibition philosophy.

The IDECS is hosted by the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, the University of Ottawa Department of Criminology, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and the Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy.

The guest authorities are:

? Marie-Andr?e Bertrand, Professor, University of Montreal

? Jerry Cameron, Chief of Police, USA (Ret.)

? Denes Balazs, Executive Director, Hungarian Civil Liberties Union

? Libby Davies, MP, New Democratic Party

? John Gayder, Police Officer, Ontario

? Terry Nelson, Supervisor, U.S. Border, Customs and Homeland Security (Ret.)

? Eugene Oscapella, Barrister, University of Ottawa, Criminology

? Hon. Judge Jerry Paradis, British Columbia Provincial Court (Ret.)

? Lionel Pr?vost, Police Officer, Quebec Provincial Police (Ret.)

? Diane Riley, Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy

? Kirk Tousaw, Barrister, BC Civil Liberties Association

? Sanho Tree, Director, Drug Policy Project

? Hon. Judge Martin Vazquez Acuna, Argentina

Anyone in Montreal or the surrounding area is urged to take part in the Monday events. You can find out more about the conferences, and where to get information about what you can do, by visiting the following links.

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